July 2011– March 2012

Were you given enough information about the home? 100%

Did you understand all the information? 95%

Did you have anyone explain information to you? 100%

Did you understand why you applied to come to the home? 100%

Was a pre-assessment done? 100%

Did we understand your needs? 95%

Did you feel we understood your needs? 95%

Were you made to feel welcome? 100%

Were you treated well & listened to on arrival? 100%

Did you know the names of helpful staff? 71%

Did you understand the terms & conditions of home? 90%

Was accommodation well prepared on arrival? 90%

Do you know how to make a comment or complaint? 76%

Was resident’s handbook given? 71%

When you first moved were your feelings understood? 90%

Do you feel comfortable about complaining? 100%


Things people liked about the Home:

  • 90% praised staff for being excellent, friendly, helpful, caring, dedicated and professional
  • Staff willingness to listen to you
  • Warmth and friendliness towards the residents and their families
  • Given a warm welcome at reception
  • High standard of Hygiene and general cleanliness
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Lovely ambience
  • Homeliness of the Home
  • Clean rooms
  • Rooms spacious and bright
  • Convenience of wet room
  • Beautiful building
  • The food is well prepared and imaginative
  • Always something going on
  • Varied daily activities
  • The trial day is a good idea


Things that could improve the Home:

  • Stair doors being banged

Our response: 

All doors now have soft close hinges fitted.

  • Difficult to manipulating both entrance doors while pushing a wheel chair

Our response: 

Now fitted door hold on first door of Hill House.  Not possible to do so on second door.

  • Occasional lack of communication

Our Response: 

Please let us know in each case if we ever have an issue we may be able to put it right.

  • Slowness to answer bells

Our response: 

We monitor bell response times and in audits 3mins has been maximum waiting time.