On the 8th August 2012 one of our residents, Dr Johanna Weber, celebrated her 102nd birthday along with friends and staff at Hill House.

Dr Weber originally from Germany, was recruited from her homeland by the Royal Aeronautical Establishment (RAE) at Farnborough in 1947.

As a scientist officer she rapidly established herself to this country as an outstanding theoretical aerodynamist and her reputation soon became global. Dr Weber was responsible for laying the foundations for many aerodynamic designs of high speed conventional swept wing aircraft and establishing the basic aerodynamic characteristics of slender wing air craft. This ultimately led to the design of the supersonic Concorde. During her career she wrote over 100 research papers, which are recorded in the aerodynamics department of the RAE at Farnborough and Aldershot.

In 1975 having reached the position of senior principle scientific officer, she retired to pursue her other interests. She enrolled in various adult education courses including Geology and Psychology at Surrey University. At home in Farnham, she relaxed by looking after her garden and travelling around the UK.

Dr Weber has lived a full life, including an illustrious career in which she was dedicated to serving not only aeronautical design but also this country. Everyone at Hill House Nursing Home wished her many happy returns and we hope she enjoyed the day.