In May we celebrated a number of different days and events along with all of our regular activities. On top of this our residents and staff helped prepare for our big D Day Celebration in June!

On the 7th May residents enjoyed an outing to Frensham Ponds to see & feed the swans & ducks. We were lucky enough to see a family of Geese with her young Goslings. The weather was bright and sunny and after feeding the birds we all enjoyed Tea & biscuits at the Frensham pond Hotel.



Later on the 16th May we had a afternoon of flower arranging followed by afternoon Tea. Some of our residents enjoyed arranging and testing their creations, while others watched and enjoyed seeing the results. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon Tea that followed.



The 20th May was one of our regular gardening Days! residents helped to transfer our seeds and cup from inside to outside. This year we are growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and Relishes. Our residents enjoy being involved and watching the seeds grow into lovely vegetables!

On 27th May our residents enjoyed one of our regular trips to the Tweesledown Pub for a few pre lunch drinks!


Throughout the month residents enjoyed  many regular activities within the home such as Bingo, Balloon Bounce, Dominoes and Skittles. Skittles has become increasingly popular as it offers great amount of fun for all of our residents!