Annual Development Plan & Assurance Policy


This policy is intended to set out the values, principles and policies underpinning our approach to quality. 


1.         Woodlands, Hill House & Hill Brow Ltd place a strong emphasis on providing the highest quality service possible for all of their residents within Woodlands, Hill Brow and Hill House.  The homes believe that, no matter how good their present services, there is always room for improvement. The homes have been awarded the CQC accreditation giving formal recognition of the quality of care given to our residents. The homes also use IIP (Investors in People) to externally rate quality.


2.         The homes believe that having the highest quality care and accommodation is an absolute right of every resident.  The continuing aim of the home is to provide a professional and efficient service to meet all the requirements of its residents.  The long-term goal of the home is to obtain the highest possible level of satisfaction from residents and relatives.


3.         All residents of this home should:


  • Expect the highest quality care and accommodation possible.


    • Be given a say in the running of the home through representation on resident’s monthly committee for relatives and residents. Regular 6 monthly meetings and through a residents’ survey carried out 6 monthly.  The survey will be confidential but the results may be published and distributed to all residents. Comment and feedback will be encouraged not only from residents but from relatives, carers, friends and advocates.


  • Be free to complain about any aspect of the running of the home and to have their complaints welcomed and acted upon promptly.  All complaints will be responded to in writing within 30 working days.


  • Be told about planned CQC for Social Care Inspections and should be given unrestricted and private access to inspectors during inspections and free access to the report once published.


4.         Every member of staff should demonstrate a total commitment to quality and quality improvement in every aspect of their working day.  In particular the following should apply:



4.1       The proprietor and the management team will bear the responsibility for     establishing, maintaining and implementing a quality management system in the           homes.  This system will be based upon a Total Quality Management system        whereby standards will be set, changes made to meet those standards and the          process reviewed regularly.

            4.2       Every employee is responsible for the quality of their work and will be trained to             perform their duties to our specified quality standards.

            4.3       Contractors employed for specific functions will be required to meet our     specified standards.


            4.4       The homes will have an annual development plan for quality improvement                                   drawn up as part of their business plan and based upon feedback from service               users, staff and relatives.


                        The plan will be costed and will focus upon specific measurable standards to                  include named staff as responsible for each objective.


            4.5       Alison Lee, the owner and the Individual Home Managers are responsible for                  quality in the home.


            4.6       All residents and relatives will receive a 6 monthly questionnaire to review the                 service they receive and 6 monthly residents meetings will be held.  This will                    mean the residents and their relatives are asked for their views formally at least               every 3 months.


4.7       All new residents will be given a Questionnaire one month after moving in to gain feedback regarding the home, staff etc.


4.8       The Residents of each home will have a committee to discuss any issues or concerns which will be clearly recorded and acted on.


5.         Every six months a formal quality audit will be conducted.  All data collected during the   audit   will be treated as confidential.  Alison Lee is responsible for audits in the homes.  This    will consist of the criteria based on Essential Standards of Quality and Safety of which there are 28.  These are broken down into the following 6 sectors.


  • Involvement & Information
  • Personalised Care Treatment & Support
  • Safeguarding & Safety
  • Suitable Staffing
  • Quality & Management
  • Suitability of Management








6.       Findings will be based against the 10 elements of the dignity challenge:


                  zero tolerance on abuse

                  supporting people with the same respect they would want for     themselves

                  treating each person as an individual

                  enabling people to maintain maximum level of independence

                  listening and supporting people to express their needs and wants

                  respecting people’s right to privacy    

                  ensuring people can make complaints without retribution

                  engaging with family members and carers as partners

                  assisting people to maintain confidence and positive esteem

                  alleviating loneliness and isolation


            The results of the audit will be used to develop a plan to improve the quality of the service at the care homes and to deal with any weaknesses in the service identified by the audit.  The plan will have measurable steps to improvement and a timetable for their implementation.


7.         All residents will be seen weekly by either the home owner or the Manager or Deputy Manager of the home.  Any areas for improvement at any stage will be recorded in their file and the suggestions & complaints book.


8.         Once a month a mini audit will be performed at each home, if this is not the owner doing the audit will be reported back to the owner at the earliest opportunity, both verbally and written.  This will have clear requirements and be recorded in the residents Suggestions and Complaints book.