Regulations regarding the security/labelling of Clinical Waste Bags


May we remind you that the following must be strictly adhered to:



1.      Yellow Bags


          To be filled to three quarter capacity ONLY.


2.      Bags should be sealed (NOT STAPLED) so as to form a handle at the neck.  Unsealed bags will not be collected and therefore pose a significant infection control risk.


3.      No damaged bags should be used and if bag is split, re-bag.



4.      Wet Waste


          REMEMBER – wet waste is a heavier commodity and can easily split bags – therefore only half fill and double bag.


5.      Labelling


Ensure that the bags are correctly labelled stating origin of contents and initials of staff member responsible for disposing of and sealing bag.


Under the Controlled Waste Regulations the driver will

refuse to collect any bags/sharps that do not comply with

the above.


For full details of clinical waste disposal please refer to the Infection

Control Manual.