If a resident is already in possession of a pet on admission to the home and, if the pet is quiet and well behaved, it may be allowed to remain with the resident at the Proprietor’s discretion.  The following conditions will apply:

 The pet must not cause a nuisance to any other resident or pets already in residence.

  • The pet must be cared for solely by the resident or failing that the resident must make alternative arrangements for its care.
  • The pet must be regularly de-wormed and prophylactic treatment for fleas / ticks / infestations administered.  Copies of vet’s certification to verify this must be available for perusal at request.
  • Visitors who bring pets in to the home to visit residents are solely responsible for their pets behaviour whilst on the premises.  Whilst in communal areas all dogs must be kept on a lead to avoid injury and nuisance.  Pets that cause a nuisance, foul or injure staff or residents will not be permitted to visit again.
  • All pets brought into the home to visit must abide by the rule pertaining to resident’s pets regarding regular flea prophylaxis and de-worming.