• Hill House, Woodlands and Hill Brow are non-smoking homes – residents may smoke in the gardens or the designated smoking areas.  When there is an element of risk involved, residents may be supervised by a member of staff.  This will be clearly documented in individual care records.
  • Staff are requested to only smoke outside the home and not to allow this to cause them to behave unprofessionally or affect time spent with residents.
  • Alcohol is allowed for residents and guests at Hill House, Woodlands and Hill Brow as long as it does not put the individual or others at risk or providing it does not interact with any medications such as antibiotics or anti depressants.  Risk of interactions will be checked with pharmacist.
  • Any ingestion of alcohol is strictly forbidden for staff whilst on duty or before duty.  This is a disciplinary offence.  An occasional small glass of wine/sherry may be shared with the residents at a celebration, only with permission from A. Lee personally.
  • No substance abuse will be permitted within the home by staff, visitors or residents.