• If sick, employee should give at least 5 hours notice.
  • If it is likely that employee is going to be unwell / absent for more than 1 occasion, it is necessary to contact manager on a daily basis for the first three weeks then weekly until end of absence, to make them aware of progress.  This should be done by the employee.  Only in extreme circumstances will we accept an advocates word.
  • Employee must give at least 1 day’s notice of returning to work in case of absence.
  • All staff must try to ensure they cover themselves if absent or sick.
  • If sick for over 3 days, employee will need to provide either a doctor’s Certificate or Self Certificate to become entitled to SSP.If you produce a Self Certificate SSP is at the discretion of your manager.
  • On returning to work after any form of absence, an absence review meeting will be performed to ensure employee’s fitness to return to work and suitability for the job.
  • If absence or sickness becomes abnormally high or patterned, the manager will set target objectives to try to reduce this problem.
  • If the absence or sickness is still not resolved the Manager will assess your fitness to work.