Day-to-day Management

Policy Statement

Woodlands & Hill Brow Ltd provides the highest-quality service possible for all of its residents by creating a relaxed, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where our core values ensure our residents are treated with privacy, respect, dignity and compassion by a well-trained, highly-motivated and professionally-led staff group aware of its legal, ethical and moral duties. We believe that our homes should be run and managed by a person who is fit to be in charge, is of good character and is able to discharge their responsibilities fully.

We will always aim to appoint a registered manager whose experience, personal qualities and qualifications are compliant with the Care Quality Commission’s Essential Standards of Quality and Safety.

Aim of the Policy

This policy is intended to set out the values, principles and policies underpinning our home’s approach to its day-to-day management.

Our Management Ethos

This company believes that its managers play a crucial leadership role in the home and that the approach taken by managers, in particular their leadership style, is likely to have a great bearing on the performance of staff and, ultimately, the quality of care.

The policy of this company is that the registered manager should meet the following criteria.

  1. Be qualified, competent and experienced to run the home and meet its stated purpose, aims and objectives.
  2. Have at least two years’ experience at a senior management capacity in the managing of a relevant care setting within the past five years.
  3. Have or be working towards a qualification in management and care (or equivalent) at registered mangers award or Diploma level 5.
  4. Be familiar with the conditions and diseases affecting the resident group of the home.
  5. Be able to achieve 80%-100% of the company’s Business Plan.
  6. Ensure that there are clear lines of accountability within the home.
  7. Demonstrate own accountability and responsibility for the running of the home.
  8. Lead by example and uphold the highest standards of the home at all times.
  9. Always strive to promote and safeguard the wellbeing and interest of its residents.
  10. Ensure that their management approach creates an open, positive and approachable atmosphere where staff and residents feel that they have a say in how things are done and feel that they contribute to the running of the home.
  11. Openly acknowledge any limitations of the home, particularly in relation to staff competence and skills, and strive to make the improvements needed.
  12. Use and encourage reflective practice as a form of learning from incidents.
  13. Manage an open and transparent service.


The proprietor and management team of the home believe that, in order to provide a quality service, the home requires high-quality staff who are suitably trained, supervised and supported. In particular the home believes that the registered manager should:

  1. Like any other staff take every reasonable opportunity to maintain and improve their professional knowledge and competence through taking part in appropriate professional development programs.
  2. Like any other staff have a personal development plan in which their training needs are identified and a plan made as to how such needs will be met.
  3. Be able to demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development by doing periodic training to update their knowledge, skills and competence.


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