September was again another busy month of activities with a theme of “Back to school” Residents took part and reminisced on their school days and compared how school was in the 1920’s and 1930’s to how school is today. Our residents enjoyed reminiscing about their school days with some readings of their Favourite poems and stories.

As always we carried on with our resident’s regular Favourite activities of word searches, Giant crossword, Quiz, Films and book clubs. We had our regular trips out to our local the Tweesledown pub and Redfields Garden Centre for coffee and cake.

Twesesldown - Copy  Redfields

On the 22nd September residents enjoyed a trip out to the seaside at Southsea. It was a lovely day with fantastic weather. Our residents enjoyed lovely fish and chips lunch followed by a leisurely stroll along the seafront, which prompted many stories of great seaside holidays!

p11  photo 29  p9

Barbara Rayner came to Hill House on the 24th September to perform and sing for the brain. These fun activities build on the well known preserved memories for song and music for the brain. These regular sessions and performances are a big hit with our residents as well as the singing they always enjoy the afternoon tea.

DSC08608  DSC08609

In the last week of September residents helped prepare and organise our October Harvest Festival which was led by Vicar Tara from Crondall.