Our residents have been busy again in February under the theme of “Love and Respect”. We also celebrated National Dignity Action Day on 2nd February by making a Digni-Tree in which our residents hang up their thoughts and wishes written on the leaves of the tree highlighting what dignity and respect mean to them.

4th February we saw “Singing for the Brain” with Barbara Raynor. Residents really enjoy this as it involves everyone getting together, a bit of gentle exercise, singing and lots of fun plus tea and cakes as well.

Woodlands Feburary 2015 005Woodlands Feburary 2015 006

On 6th our residents visited the Tweseldown Pub, still our residents’ favourite pub, and enjoyed a morning of chat swapping stories as well as a few drinks.

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Throughout the month we were busy with all our residents’ regular activities of quiz, crosswords, balloon bounce, skittles and making decorations for Valentine’s Day.

We celebrated Valentilne’s Day with a Valentine Party and a life performance of love songs by Gareth who is one of our residents’ favourites. Lots of our residents danced and sang along to Gareth’s songs.HH Camera 16.03.15 397HH Camera 16.03.15 403

Pancake Day was celebrated on 17th. Residents enjoyed an afternoon of making, decorating and tossing pancakes. Some of the pancakes did not stay decorated for long as they went down well with a cuppa whilst listening to some facts about Shrove Tuesday.HH Camera 16.03.15 386HH Camera 16.03.15 387HH Camera 16.03.15 395

We managed a quick trip out to Redfields Garden Centre for some shopping and coffee with cake on 23rd. It was also nice to see some lovely spring colour and blooms.

Woodlands Feburary 2015 001

Finally, on 27th February we had a Digni-tea party which was a celebration of love, respect and dignity with residents discussing what this means to them, over a couple of glasses of wine, sandwiches and cake.