May’s activities started with another Blue Bell trip to Ellis Field Church on the 5th. This was a lovely outing enjoyed by all. We did it again on the 11th May to soak up the spectacular view and the perfume in the air. We had a lovely morning out with a very warm and sunny weather. Sheep and cows added to the scenery while we were passing by the local farms.DSC09616 DSC09617 DSC09618 DSC09619 DSC09620

On the 6th Barbara Rayner did another one of our regular monthly events ‘Singing for the Brain’. Our residents had an afternoon of fun, singing along whilst doing exercises. At the same event we celebrated one of our residents’ 90th birthday.DSC09552DSC09562DSC09566DSC09568DSC09569

8th May was marked by the VE Day Celebrations. We started the day with a Church Service. Then we had lunch in our dining room, which was decorated accordingly to the occasion. The real celebration was in the afternoon – everyone dressed in the Union Jack colours and enjoyed singing and dancing to the music played by Geoff Hiscott, bringing back memories from the famous tunes sang back then. At 3pm we stopped for a minute silence and after we went on with the party celebration. DSC09578 DSC09579 DSC09580 DSC09583 DSC09587 DSC09588 DSC09591 DSC09593 DSC09594 DSC09600 DSC09604 DSC09605 DSC09609 DSC09610 DSC09615

On the 15th a group of Hill House residents joined with the other two homes for a drink down at the local – Tweseldown pub. DSC09660 DSC09662 DSC09663 DSC09664 DSC09667 DSC09668 DSC09670

On the 27th the horses Sammy and Matilda visited the home. Residents sat out in the garden, giving them gentle strokes and feeding them with fresh carrots. The event brought a lot of joy for our residents and they are looking forward to seeing the horses again. DSC09804 DSC09747 DSC09762 DSC09715 DSC09696