June’s theme was ‘Fruit and Flora’ which involved our residents in several activities. June was also the month of the French Open Tennis which most of our residents were very keen to watch, in preparation for ‘Queens’ and ‘Wimbledon’. All these activities happened alongside our regular programme of activities. On the 3rd we had a demonstration of ‘Bollywood’ inspired dancercise by Annabel Brash which got the audience moving to the Indian beat! On the 6th and 7th June residents watched the French Open tennis finals.

Badshot Lea Garden Centre Trip 5th June
Residents from Hill House And Woodlands Home attended.
Everyone enjoyed strolling through the garden centre, especially seeing the many Spring flowering plants, small animals, reptiles and all the unusual and exotic fish in the aquaria.
After a pleasant walk round, residents enjoyed tea, coffee, and fresh cream cakes in the restaurant. HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 147 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 148 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 149 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 151 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 152 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 154

‘Tea in the Garden’ 8th June
To celebrate the arrival of some real Summer sunshine (at last!) we invited our residents to tea outside in the garden. Residents from Safe Side and Nursing joined us for tea and homemade cakes in the sunshine, followed by a sing-song. Residents enjoyed seeing the Spring flowers in bloom such as the pansies and geraniums, and especially the rhododendrons that form a wall of vibrant colour in our lovely garden at the moment. HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 173 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 193 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 198 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 199 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 201 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 204

Carillon Singers Summer Concert 12th June
During the morning residents had the monthly church service with Vicar Tara followed by a toast to celebrate ‘National Carers Week’ in recognition of all the hard work carers do for their loved ones. On the evening of Friday 12th June we were delighted to welcome back the Carillon Singers Choir who performed a Summer programme of music for our residents to enjoy. Our surprise ‘warm up’ act this evening was our very own Louis from admin, who entertained us with lovely tunes on the piano, which prepared us beautifully for the good music that followed! The Carillon performance included ‘The Alleluia Fanfare’, ‘A Place in the Choir’ and ‘Chattanooga Choo Choo’ which delighted our residents and got many singing along to some familiar tunes! Our performers enjoyed wine and nibbles afterward. HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 223 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 224 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 230 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 233 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 234 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 253 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 259 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 264

‘Summer Theme’ Table Decorating 15th June
Following on from our ‘Spring’ themed table the residents helped put together a ‘Summer’ themed table based around the seaside, ahead of our British sea side theme for July. Resident arts and crafts towards this theme included the construction of a cheerily striped beach hut and Summer bunting to decorate the table. The residents helped set the scene with old postcards, deck chair, buckets and spades, shells, rocks and even real sand and a sand castle! HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 271 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 273 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 274 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 275 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 276 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 277

‘Time for Tea’ 17th June 2015
Residents learnt about the history of tea, and teabags and also about Lyons Corner Houses and the taking of afternoon tea. At 3.00pm our very own authentic ‘Nippy’ (Lyons waitress) served our residents a number of unusual teas such as peppermint, chamomile, strawberry and mango and blackcurrant.
Some of our residents liked these new tastes, some said where’s the milk!!
This was followed up by some ‘teatime’ themed music from the decades which all enjoyed and sang along to.
This themed afternoon supports/compliments the home’s ongoing ‘Hydration’ drive, ensuring that all residents drink enough fluids. HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 279 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 281 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 282 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 283 HIll House downloaded 24 June 15 285

N.A.P.A Open Day and Talent Show 19th June
Examples of residents’ arts and crafts such as ’The Dignitree’, Valentines cards and Easter bonnets were put on display in a mini gallery by reception.
At 2.00pm the talent Show commenced with 5 acts:
Woodlands Olympians (Woodlands) The Twins, Tweedledee & Tweedledum (Activities) Furrowed Brows (Hill Brow) Hashtag Cheerleaders (Hill House) and the Adminions (Admin)
The teams presented acts ranged from synchronised swimming to sumo wrestling and caused a lot of amusement to all in the audience!
The winners were for best costume, the Hashtag Cheerleaders and the talent contest winners were Woodlands Olympians with their very funny take on synchronised swimming and the Adminions with their boxing, surfing and shark attack !! 1471338_10206975127274245_3897961946157759713_n 10411020_10206975126754232_367970375673256103_n 11156304_10152958165548302_3159707102904093989_n 11233078_1448002305520402_9083016676361893730_n IMG_0176

Father’s Day Celebration 21st June
This was celebrated at Hill house with a group from the Emmanuel Church singing hymns and testimonies from several group member’s Fathers and sons. It was a touching celebration for our residents who are Fathers themselves. Everyone joined in singing and loved chatting to the group afterwards over a ‘cuppa’. June 2015 024 June 2015 025 June 2015 026 June 2015 027 June 2015 029

 ‘Fruity Fun’ Exotic Fruit Tasting and Nepalese Earthquake Appeal Dancing 26th. June
The residents learnt about a range of exotic fruits, their origins and nutritional benefits and then enjoyed tasting them! This was followed by a fruit themed quiz that everyone enjoyed. This went so well we shall be doing this again with some different fruits. This activity supports ongoing good diet/nutrition initiatives in the home. July 3rd 2015 011 July 3rd 2015 010 July 3rd 2015 008 July 3rd 2015 007 July 3rd 2015 006 July 3rd 2015 004
Throughout the day people were encouraged to donate money to the appeal and take a cake or cakes, donated by the staff. This raised a very praiseworthy amount of some £820.00 to help our Nepalese friends in their time of need following the earthquake.
During the afternoon we were entertained by our Nepalese colleagues with both individual and group dances in traditional Nepalese dress. Everyone really enjoyed the music and presentation of Nepalese culture. They also cooked a variety of delicious Nepalese food for staff and residents – my personal favourite was the fab pork dish.    July 3rd 2015 012 July 3rd 2015 013 July 3rd 2015 015 July 3rd 2015 016 July 3rd 2015 017 July 3rd 2015 018 July 3rd 2015 020 July 3rd 2015 023 July 3rd 2015 024 July 3rd 2015 028 July 3rd 2015 032 July 3rd 2015 033

Tea Dance at Robert Mays School 29th June
16 residents from across all 3 homes attended this event in aid of the Alzheimer’s Café. Residents were treated to an afternoon of music from the 1940’s and 1950’s as well singing from the senior school choir, and a delicious tea. Philip Spink celebrated his 99th. birthday with a beautiful homemade cake presented to him. Afterwards residents enjoyed dancing with pupils and teachers. All residents thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon. July 3rd 2015 035 July 3rd 2015 041 July 3rd 2015 042 July 3rd 2015 043 July 3rd 2015 046

And here is how we started July – with a trip to Frensham Pond.
On the 1st of July a number of residents went out for a coffee and a chance to see and feed the birds. What a gorgeous day that was!! July 3rd 2015 048 July 3rd 2015 049 July 3rd 2015 050 July 3rd 2015 053 July 3rd 2015 056 July 3rd 2015 060 July 3rd 2015 065 July 3rd 2015 072 July 3rd 2015 077 July 3rd 2015 084 July 3rd 2015 087 July 3rd 2015 100 July 3rd 2015 103