December’s theme was ‘Christmas Joy’. Our Christmas programme officially started on 27th November with the wonderful Carillon Singers concert, heralding what had promised to be an extremely busy period for activities for our residents. Throughout December residents were involved in a trip to Redfields Garden Centre, Christmas special Singing for the Brain with Barbara, numerous Christmas choirs amongst which Hill House Staff and Patience on the piano.

Here there are some of the other major events:

On Tuesday 1st December residents were entertained by a group of young boys from the Odiham Beavers group. The 6 and 7 year old boys delighted the audience with their sweet carol singing, and afterwards proudly showed off their favourite toys, whilst chatting eagerly to our residents. Refreshments were served following the performance and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.



On 2nd December singers from the Camberley Rock Choir and a few staff that are themselves Rock Choir members, sang for the residents. The performance included some old favourites as well as more recent hits such as ‘Budapest’ and ‘Hold my Hand. Residents (and staff!) were singing along and moving to the music.

DSC01015  DSC01031
In the afternoon on 8th staff from Hill House performed a selection of songs accompanied by Louis on the piano. The performance included a traditional African lullaby Tu-la Tula, as well as Amazing Grace and Love Changes Everything from the musical. Afterwards residents and staff sang ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ as well as some other old favourites whilst tea and cake was served. Residents enjoyed the choir’s performance and the opportunity for a sing-song afterward!

Gerard Chrispin came along on 10th December with a small group from the Emmanuel Church Farnham. They conducted Christmas songs of praise for us that afternoon. Residents enjoyed singing many well-known Christmas carols and listened to gospel readings.

On Friday 11th twenty or so pupils from St. Nicholas School Church Crookham performed for us. Residents from all three homes enjoyed their Christmas concert followed by tea and cake. The pupils (up to the age of 8) both sung and played their violins so sweetly, that soon everyone was joining in with the music.

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Sunday 13th December was marked by the performance of the Crondall Church Bell Ringers. Music included traditional carols that got everyone singing along! The performance was so much enjoyed the bell ringers have promised a return visit in the Summer.

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On Tuesday 15th December the duo known as ‘Jonti’ performed for us with some lively Christmas numbers and old seasonal favourites. Everyone enjoyed singing along and some danced, after which tea and mince pies were served.

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During the evening Vicar Tara and some choristers from Crondall choir entertained the residents and they joined in enthusiastically, with some traditional carols.


Our annual Christmas dinner was on Friday 18th December. Jo our General Manager joined the residents as they enjoyed prawn cocktail, a melon fruit salad, roast turkey with all the trimmings and Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. Some found their large dinner almost too big!! But everyone enjoyed their lunch and praised the chef.

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During the afternoon the residents enjoyed a magical musical performance by Professor Andrew Knight, who played many percussion instruments as well as the oboe and sang. His rendition of ‘Sleepy lagoon’ was particularly enjoyable and all the residents loved the live musical performance.

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In the morning of 23rd, residents from all three homes enjoyed a seasonal drink at the Tweseldown pub. During the visit residents appreciated drinks and sweets as well as Christmas sing-song!

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During the afternoon residents assembled for the annual ‘Pass the Parcel’ game with Christmas music accompaniment. June Coleman was the lucky winner of a large box of chocolates, but everyone that unwrapped a layer of wrapping paper got a sweet when the music stopped!
The party on 30th December marked the end of 2015 with Leanne. She was singing out 2015, heralding the start of 2016 with some lively songs. Soon everyone joined-in singing and some even dancing!!

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