February’s theme was ‘Hearts and Flowers’ heralding the very first of the spring flowers the lovely snowdrop, as well as Valentine’s Day on the 14th February. February also had the ‘Shrove Tuesday’- Pancake day and as it’s a leap year this year, an extra day in the month where a woman can propose to her sweetheart!


On Wednesday 3rd residents from all 3 homes, as well as Day Care Centre enjoyed singing and moving to Barbara in the ‘Singing for the Brain’ in a very lively monthly session. Afterwards residents enjoyed tea and cake.

Tuesday 9th February was Shrove Tuesday with Pancake Decorating and Races. In the morning residents were learning all about Shrove Tuesday and some of the traditions surrounding Pancake Day. In the afternoon they were busy decorating fresh pancakes with fruit, sweets and jam. Those present also joined together to wish Muriel Wardroper a very Happy Birthday and also to celebrate the 53rd Anniversary of Enid and Geoffrey Webster. After this residents enjoyed watching a lively pancake race and then a pancake tossing competition – some pancakes even touching the ceiling before (in most cases) being caught successfully afterwards!

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Vicar Tara carried out our monthly church service in the morning of Friday 12th when residents joined together with prayers, hymns and Holy Communion.

In the afternoon, residents from all three homes and the Day-Care Centre appreciated listening to a collection of romantic and love themed music in celebration of Valentine’s Day and our ‘Hearts and Flowers’ theme. Gareth sung many well-known songs including some by Frank Sinatra and many other old romantic favourites. Many residents took to their feet and danced and everyone very much enjoyed the afternoon.

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In the morning of 26th some residents travelled by taxi to Fleet and strolled around the shops before having a hot drink and a delicious cake in the ‘More than Coffee’ coffee shop in the town centre.


We didn’t miss the chance to celebrate the Leap Day this year. In the afternoon of 29th February Hill House residents enjoyed a very amusing performance showing the traditions from all over the world regarding Leap Day proposals and wedding proposals in general. From Armenia to Fiji, Scotland to Nigeria, residents laughed and sang along to the various stories and traditions being presented. The play ended in a wedding ceremony 

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