June’s theme was ‘Royal Celebrations’ reflecting the Queen’s official 90th birthday. We honoured our Queen with a special tea party and celebratory concert by the wonderful Carillon Singers. We also had the privilege of meeting a gentleman who, as part of the mounted Life Guards Royal regiment, used to be in the Queen’s ‘Trooping of the Colour’. It was also our annual Talent Show combined with NAPA Open Day, and as well as that, we even had some lovely horses visiting us during the month courtesy of Alison – our proprietor.


Our monthly ‘Singing For The Brain’ session was on 1st June, with the lovely Barbara and some rousing, good old favourites. A particular song which everyone enjoyed was “Music, Music, Music”, so much so, we will reprise it in an event we hope to schedule for the Summer months. Watch this space!! Suffice to say the residents sung along to and as usual really excelled in their ‘Singing for the Brain’ activity.

On Friday 3rd a group of lady residents joined a group from Hill Brow and visited Redfields Garden Centre. They particularly enjoyed the beautiful and colourful orchid display, as well as the other exotic houseplants. They marvelled at the range of beautiful gifts, toiletries and cooking ware, the extensive barbeques and patio sets before enjoying coffee, tea and biscuits in the lovely restaurant.

DSC02457  DSC02469
On the 8th June Hill House was delighted to welcome Gil Wheeler, who used to be part of the Life Guards regiment and took part in no less than 25 consecutive Trooping of the Colour parades. He entertained the residents with many stories of his time, involved in the Queen’s official birthday celebrations as well as other formal events such as the State Opening of parliament, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday celebrations. He delighted them with trumpet music and with some funny stories whilst polishing a ‘Jack’ boot part of the uniform he had to wear. Residents learnt the uniform he used to wear was worth 10,000 pounds due to the gold thread used and that his favourite horse ‘Tom’ he named his son after! After the presentation residents enjoyed looking at some of the beautiful royal programmes of the time and were encouraged to ask questions. They were surprised to learn that those involved in the mounted corps whilst trooping the colour had to keep their legs crossed as it were, for they could not have a toilet break for many hours!!DSC02487DSC02493DSC02490DSC02484

In celebration of the Queen’s official 90th birthday, on Friday 10th, residents enjoyed a ‘right royal’ British tea party with some lively piano music from our Louis. Residents loved the ‘Queen themed’ cupcakes with their afternoon tea and sang along enthusiastically to some well-known and very patriotic songs. The afternoon party set the scene perfectly for the evening’s proceedings, that is to say the Summer concert in honour of the Queen. As a fitting finale to her Majesty’s Birthday, the Carillon Singers entertained residents from across all three homes with an early evening extravaganza of wonderful music. The choristers performed a selection of well-known songs and tunes many recognised. Then with much Union Jack flag waving the concert concluded with a very patriotic rendition of the National Anthem whilst not forgetting singing the all-important ‘Happy Birthday’ to the lady herself, our Queen!

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On 15th, amidst heavy and persistent rain showers, we were delighted to welcome two lovely horses to the home, Matilda – a 13 year old Shetland pony, and Sammy – a 26 year old horse. Due to the inclement weather the two horses really did visit the actual home, coming right indoors to meet the residents face to face who were seated already in a big circle to meet them! All the residents enjoyed stroking and petting the horses, some even helped to feed them delicious carrots! Thereafter the two lovely animals trotted obediently round to the Garden View side of the home and met the residents over there too.

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On 16th Hill House held a cupcake sale in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. Many both baked or bought cupcakes to donate to the sale and many were subsequently purchased, raising a creditable sum of money in aid of this very worthy cause so close to all of our hearts.

In recognition of ‘Ladies Day’ at Ascot, in the afternoon, ladies (and men) donned appropriate hats and enjoyed tea with even more tasty cupcakes. The ladies (and men!) were much admired in their wonderful hats and all in all it was a very glamorous and delicious afternoon for all who participated. The afternoon concluded with a visit from lovely ‘Lucy’ the pet therapy dog whom once again delighted residents and bought a smile to everyone’s face as they petted and stroked her!

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NAPA Open Day on 17th June opened our doors to residents’ relatives and demonstrated our talents across all three homes in the annual Talent Show. This year’s theme, very fittingly was ‘Anything Royal’ and the three homes certainly let their imagination run wild! From re-enacting the ‘Trooping of the Colour’ to a very ‘unamused’ Queen ‘Kim’ who discovers she has a passion for disco dancing, to our very own Queen tribute act, performing their unique version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The variety of acts thoroughly amused and entertained all our residents with their imagination and colourful costumes. With much deliberation the jury eventually awarded the top prize to our Woodlands Home (for at least the second year running!?) but all three homes efforts were awarded £100 for a staff night out. Well done everyone!!


The gentlemen residents had their special Father’s day on 19th June, celebrated with a lovely tea party including a large and delicious cake baked by our chef Lorraine. Residents enjoyed listening to some historical facts about the origins of Father’s Day and how other countries across the world celebrate this special day in their calendar. The afternoon’s proceedings concluded with a short sing-song.


On 24th June a group of residents travelled in the sunshine to Frensham Pond Hotel. As it was so lovely, the residents we able to take coffee, tea and biscuits outside, overlooking the beautiful and peaceful pond. Following this the residents enjoyed feeding all the ducks and coots that gathered by the lakeside with the bread which we had brought. The group returned happy and ready for their lunch!

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