June’s theme was ‘The Great Outdoors’ reflecting the fact that, seasonally, we were in late spring early summer. The weather was kind to us and we enjoyed some lovely blue skies and warm sunshine. Our thoughts very much turned to being able to spend time outside, whether it be gardening, walking, outdoor games, picnics, and all things we like to do outside in the ‘Great Outdoors!’

Some outdoor activities we have enjoyed this month have been trips to Badshot Lea and Redfields Garden Centres, walks in our own lovely garden here at Hill House, and a wonderful trip to Frensham Pond Hotel.

As well as that, we had the annual NAPA Open day and the Staff Talent Show on 16th June – an exciting event, eagerly anticipated by residents and staff alike! The main lounge was packed with residents and relatives to see the performance. This year’s theme was ‘The 1940s’ and there were three competing teams: ‘The Adminions’ (Admin Office staff), the ‘Nuns on the Run’ (Hill Brow staff) and ‘Lambden’s Lovelies’ (Hill House staff). It is fair to say, there were three very unique and original performances featuring extensive acting, costumes, jokes, song and dance routines, which delighted the large audience.

Residents and relatives recalled the classic 1940s movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’, laughed at some very funny singing nuns, and sang along to some classic war time songs with our very own Landgirls, ‘Lambden’s Lovelies’! It was a great afternoon, with much laughter and fun, culminating in three prizes – originality, best costumes and overall winner. There were no losers, as each team won a prize, but the overall winner this year was Kim and the ‘Lambden’s Lovelies’ who marched their hearts out to everything, from ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ to ‘Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree’.

On the afternoon of Thursday 22nd  June, a small group of residents attended the Summer Tea Dance at Robert May’s School in Odiham. They enjoyed music to dance to as well as a young soloist who sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’; someone even played the piano, to which people were soon dancing the waltz. Residents enjoyed a lovely tea with homemade cakes, coffee and tea as well as a raffle before returning home for supper.

On the morning of Wednesday 28th June, a large group of residents and relatives travelled to Frensham Pond Hotel. They were joined by residents from our other two residential homes. They all really enjoyed feeding bread to the ducks at the edge of the pond, before eventually returning to go inside the hotel just as the first drops of rain fell. Once inside they enjoyed a good chat and a laugh over fresh coffee and tea, and plenty of biscuits. The group returned after a splendid morning outing, just in time for a good roast dinner lunch back at the home.

All in all, another busy and eventful month!