February’s theme was ‘Love makes the world go round!’ reflecting Valentines’ Day on 14th February – a day on which we celebrate love not just for husbands, wives and partners, but for our family, relatives, friends, and yes, even our pets!

On the morning of Friday 2nd February, a group of residents visited Badshot Lea Garden Centre. They enjoyed an interesting walk amongst the small animals in the pets’ area with mice, rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils before moving onto the aquaria. The many colourful fish caught their eye as did some of the reptiles on display, although most agreed they weren’t keen on the snakes for sale as pets! After a pleasant walk round the residents met with residents from our two other homes for fresh coffee, tea and biscuits in the lovely restaurant area. After refreshments and a good chat the group returned by taxi to the home in good time for fish and chips for lunch.

On the very wet and blustery morning of Friday 9th February a small group of residents went to Fleet for coffee at the Emporium Public House. Here they met with residents from our two other homes and were soon enjoying fresh coffee, tea and Victoria sponge cake as well as a good chat and a a laugh whilst the refreshments were being served. By the time the group returned, fortunately the rain had subsided and the sun came out just in time as the group returned back for lunch at the home.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 13th February Hill House celebrated ‘Shrove Tuesday’ or ‘Pancake Day’! The afternoon’s proceedings commenced with residents and some game relatives trying to toss pancakes, some it’s fair to say, with more success than others. Then it was onto decorating and eating them. Residents were helped to use different fruits, sweets, chocolate, honey and jam to decorate their pancakes, before tasting them…the best part, everyone agreed! Whilst doing this, residents enjoyed hearing about the origins of ‘Shrove Tuesday’ as well as some funny ‘Pancake Day’ facts.

On Wednesday 14th February Hill House celebrated Valentines’ Day with some delicious treats. Residents sampled delicious warm chocolate dipped strawberries, heart shaped chocolate lollipops and chocolate hearts along with a glass of sherry for those that wanted! Whilst enjoying their sweet treats residents listened to romantic poetry, music and some funny Valentines’ facts. Following the event residents and relatives alike remarked on what a good Valentines’ celebration it had been!

On Friday 16th February Hill House welcomed the ‘Jonti Duo’ singers for our musical Valentines’ celebration. As always, the duo delighted the audience from across all three homes, with their lively and very happy mix of well-known songs. Tunes soon remembered got everyone dancing and enjoying the show from the word go! Residents lost no time in joining in on such songs as ‘My, My, My Delilah!’ by Tom Jones along with other rousing favourites. The proceedings concluded with tea, coffee and delicious home-made iced cupcakes. All in all, it was a great afternoon which residents and relatives alike spoke of their enjoyment for long after the event.

On the cold and frosty morning of Friday 23rd February a group of residents went to the ‘Wyvern Public House’ in Crookham village. Once there they met with residents from our two other homes and were soon sitting as a large group in the cosy lounge area. Residents enjoyed fresh tea, potato crisps and a glass of beer, wine or sherry if they fancied it! The group enjoyed a good chat and reminisced about times gone by before returning back in the taxi just in time for lunch.