On Friday 11th May Hill House undertook its annual trip to see the beautiful bluebell glades close to the village of Ellisfield, Hampshire. This year we took two groups one during the morning and one in the afternoon to see this lovely spectacle. Residents enjoyed a spring trip into the countryside, with sheep with lambs and cows in the pastures, golden fields of oilseed in full flower, pheasants and partridges in the hedgerows, as well as the pretty villages en route.

Once we arrived some residents walked a little way into the woods and then the two groups enjoyed an impromptu picnic with refreshments in the taxi whilst admiring the carpets of blue mauve bluebells from their seats. Everyone that joined us on these two trips declared they had had a most enjoyable time as they travelled back in time for lunch or supper depending on the trip they had been on.

The ‘Oh so lovely Bluebells!’ in and around Ellisfiled

Ana-Maria (Activities) with Bill amongst the beautiful bluebells!

Margaret with the beautiful bluebells in the background


Sally-Anne (Activities) with Rosemary amongst the bluebells