The 1st of May we had Balloon Bounce in the morning, which always brings a smile. This was followed after lunch but sing a long with musical instruments. Staff, residents and their visiting families all join in.


Wild science visited us all on Friday the 3rd. With a large array of furry animals and reptiles.


Monday the 6th we were joined by Jess from Pat the Dog during our Word Search.

Peter couldn’t resist a little tinkle on the ivory’s during musical bingo on the afternoon of the 7th.

Wednesday the 8th began with a lovely morning service Vicar Tara. In the afternoon we had a rousing sing a long session with musical instruments.

We went on one of a favourite trips out on the 9th to the Wyvern Pub. It is a great chance to catch up over a tipple and cake, with family and friends too.

In the afternoon there was a lot of excitement around the home as our lovely David Maxted was named winner of the NHS SURREY Un Sung Hero of the Year for all of his hard work and dedication while volunteering at our homes.

Friday the 10th Gracie the dog visited the home and there were arts and crafts for everyone to participate.

In the afternoon our friends visited with us from Woodlands and Hill Brow to watch the lovely Chloe entertain us.

Monday the 13th was a beautiful day and in the afternoon we all participated in a competitive word search game.

Tuesday the 14th was filled with games, quizzes and bingo.

The 15th started with chair exercises and everyone loved the sing – a – long activity in the afternoon when we were able to join in and enjoy our favourite songs.

Thursday the 16th we enjoyed one of our regular trips out. This time we went to Frensham Pond.

On the 17th we had the amazing Mary come to Hill House to play the Flute and Piccolo for us. She sounds wonderful when she plays.

The week of the 20th started with a visit from Tango and Vicky who went around to visit with everyone in the home.

On Wednesday the 22nd was a gorgeous day and many of us got to spend some time in the sunshine.

On the 23rd Arts and Crafts where our first activity of the day. There is always a variety of things to choose from and there is always someone to give a helping hand or suggestion.

On Friday the 24th our activities trip was to Bag Shot Lea. We always finish out walk around with a visit to the pet section and then a lovely cup of tea and cake in the café.

Monday the 27th was games time again with a selection to play and in the afternoon we seemed to whiz through the word search and filled the board.

The 29th we had a themed sing-a-long with musical instruments to accompany our singing.

Friday afternoon we had an extra special afternoon activity with a vintage movie showcase. The gentleman explained all about the equipment and showed various clips and demonstration.

Hill House Summer Concert with Cavilla Singers finished the month off with a lovely show.