The summer sunshine has arrived and our residents have been soaking it up! The on-site ice cream machine has been working overtime for the residents, families and friends.

On the 2nd of June the Baking Club at Garden View made everyone crispy cakes! We ate them later in the day with a cup of tea.

On the afternoon of the 3rd we celebrated Bernard’s Birthday with his favourite Victoria sponge! After which the dominoes and board games came out.

On Thursday the 6th, we had our weekly day trip to the pub and this time we chose our local The Wyvern. We were joined by some of our friends from Hill Brow.

Gracie from Pat the Dog visited in the afternoon. She is such a friendly, loveable dog and she puts a smile on all of our faces.

Nina came to sing for us on the 7th. She is still so young but she sings all our favourite oldies beautifully. Some residents couldn’t resist a little dance.

On Monday the 10th we had a lively game of skittles. Everyone took it in turns and it was very enjoyable.

Mike from Wings of Freedom came in with his 3 owls. He is very knowledgeable and the owls are quit calm has he tells us about them. They even allow you to stroke them.

On Wednesday the 7th we had a selection of games and quiz’s. Word search is always a good one and allows everyone to chip in.

The Art and Crafts were out on Thursday the 13th. Some of the residents chose to work with card and wool to decorate them with patterns.

Friday the 14th bounced into action with Balloon Bounce. This game is produces smiles and laughter from the group.


In the afternoon the Magician arrived. Her act is packed with very clever tricks which keep us all guessing.

The week of the 17th started with beautiful sunshine. So our residents took full advantage to being outside.

We even had our Hill House Sing-a-long with musical instruments outside on the 18th.

On the 19th after our Balloon Bounce and Famous Faces quiz some of the residents settled in with some Arts and Crafts

On the 21st Rodney entertained us with many rousing numbers.

Monday the 24th , the residents and their key workers had some one on one time.

On Wednesday the 22nd we had our Annual Staff Talent Competition, on NAPA Day. There was lots of colour as the staff dressed up and sang for us. This year the residents voted Farnham Mill the overall winners.

On the 28th Mark played and sang for us. He is new to visiting us but we will definitely see him again. He was very good.

We finished the week and the month with the first of our Summer BBQ’s. Attended by Hill House Residents, friends and families. It was a beautiful day for it.