We are having a fantastic summer at Hill House and the residents have enjoyed plenty of sunshine out in the gardens. The ice creams have gone down a treat too!

 Monday the 1st. We started the day with balloon bounce always a firm favourite! Everyone gets a turn and it is a great way to exercise. This was followed after lunch by word search and the first day of Wimbledon.

On Tuesday the 2nd after hangman Terrell visited with Mable who is absolutely adorable and just loves the fuss.

Wednesday the 3rd while some residents choose to watch day 3 of Wimbledon other joined in for a very vocal sing a long of the old favourites, with accompanying musical instruments.

The 4th was a lovely warm day so we had some one on one outings and sometime in the gardens.

Friday the 5th was a busy day with a trip out to one of our locals the Wyvern and then in the afternoon Arwen entertained us and our friends from Woodlands at Hill House.

Monday the 8th go the week going with Balloon Bounce. This can become a very lively affair and never fails to bring on the giggles.

After lunch we settled down for a game of word search, everyone got a chance to have a go.

Tuesday morning started with skittles in the lounge. These large skittles are perfect for indoors.

In the afternoon the activities team ran a game of musical bingo.

Thursday the 11th arts and crafts was on the itinerary and today the residents chose colouring with pencils.

In the afternoon the dominoes’ club got together and were joined by some visiting family members.

Friday the 12th in the morning we joined our friends from Hill Brow for a visit to Redfield’s Garden Centre. Where after a wonder round we enjoyed a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Stacy came to sing for us in the afternoon. She gave out song sheets so everyone could join in. 

Our exercise session today was a new one, we are going to call it Bucket Ball and the idea it you score higher depending on the size of the ball and the size of the bucket.

Fabienne ran our afternoon Quiz on the subject of Actors and Movies which was a great topic for conversation.

Tuesday the 16th started the day with the Cooking Club decorating some lovely biscuits which we then enjoyed in the gardens with a cup of tea.

In the afternoon it was a fabulous warm day so we also enjoyed some ice cream outside.

Wednesday the 17th the topic of the quiz was Famous Faces.

In the afternoon we had a fantastic sing a long with Max Bygrave songs.

The morning of the 18th Alison brought in her adorable pygmy goats. They love the fuss and the residents enjoy their antics.

Friday the 19th in the afternoon after our visit to the Wyvern, Terry one of regular crooners entertained us in the lounge. Some of the staff and residents just couldn’t resist joining in with a dance.

Terry always brings roses for the ladies.

On the morning of the 27th Alison on her team did an annual tradition of brining her ponies for a visit. The residents of both Hill House and Hill Brow love this event and invite family to join in.

Art and Crafts in the afternoon included painting flower pots for our seedlings. This club is a great opportunity to get creative and have a good chat.

Word Search was a good social activity on the 23rd.

In the afternoon we had a demonstration of a new addition to the activities at Hill House. It is really amazing how wonderful the interactive screens are.

On the 24th Memory Lane Singing Group visited the home and got everyone joining in for a sing and a dance.

To top off the month on Friday some residents visited our friends and Farnham Mill with a lovely morning in along side the pond.

Billy came to sing for us and play his guitar in the afternoon at Hill House.