At Hill House we started the month with Guy Fawkes preparations. In our arts and craft sessions we made a life size Guy which we displayed on our themed table until his big night. Our quiz was themed around Bonfire Night history facts too.

On Tuesday, we painted our impressions of Fireworks. There was lots of colour and several lovely designs to go in our scrapbooks.

On the 5th, the OMI interactive display is in high demand daily throughout the home. There are many different activities and games.

In the Garden View we had our box full of reminiscing items out. These are a great conversation piece.

As we looked forward to paying our respect on Remembrance Day on the 11th we made Poppy Wreaths and read out Remembrance Day Poetry, which was very moving.

Our interactive therapy cats and dogs are a firm favourite with our lovely residents. They each have names and just some of the things they do are the cats purr when being stroked and move their ears and wiggle their feet. The little puppies react by moving their head when being patted and wag their tails.

On Thursday the 7th. Our talented Louis came and played the piano for us and then lead us all in a joyous singalong.

Our outing on Friday the 8th was to Bagshot Lea Garden Centre. We had a wonder around the displays already loaded up for Christmas. Two of our ladies just loved the soft, cuddly polar bears.

In the afternoon one of our VIP regulars Billy Clayton, came and performed for us. The staff gave out instruments for us to join in.

Monday the 11th our Cooking and Baking Club decorated biscuits for us with icing, jelly buttons, coloured icing, mini marshmallows and hundreds and thousands for a tasty treat with our cups of tea in the afternoon.

In the afternoon of Tuesday the 12th after our Pet Therapy where the Grey Hound Club visited with 2 of their lovely dogs, we had a Ball Room and Dance session. Many of the Residents just loved this class.

Everyday we have set a side allocated one on one time for residents, carers and key workers. This time is a wonderful chance for really getting to know another, while playing board games, puzzles or doing anything the residents chooses.

Our Dominoes club is growing all the time, with residents, friends and family members getting in on the action.

We haven’t had the parachute game out for a while but it was great to see, it always brings a laugh as we try to control the ball as it travels around.

Our ladies at Hill House like to keep up to date with all the latest news and hot topics of conversation so during our news round we cover all sorts of items and get chance to put the world right in the lounge over a cuppa.

One of our trips out this week was on Friday the 15th to Morrisons.

In the afternoon Claire and Nev entertained us with a variety of songs accompanied by Nev’s excellent guitar playing.

On Monday the 18th after making advent calendars as part of our preparations for Christmas some of our lovely ladies decided to have a game of dominoes.

A game we call Tin Can Alley is a very competitive affair. Everyone gets to have a go!

In the afternoon for our Pet Therapy our visitors were Diane and her lovely dog Rose. Rose loves a fuss from all the residents and they love to see her.

All of our different reminiscing sensory boxes are such an excellent idea. They are full of adverts, articles and items from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s and the residents love to talk about them.

On the 21th we also used our interactive activity centre to play beanbag bullseye. Which was brilliant.

We also have some table based puzzle and play boards over on our garden view which the residents really enjoy using.

Our outing this week, on Friday the 22nd was to Redfield’s Garden Centre. Their Christmas display was breath taking and after a wonder around taking in everything to see we had a tea and cake in their café.

After lunch, our friends from Woodlands and some from Farnham Mill joined us for Singer Natasha show. She wore a vintage army uniform and say lots of songs from the era around the First and Second World Wars.

Our fantastic Activities team lead us in a word search and a quiz on the morning of the 25th.

In the afternoon we had a lovely trip to spend time with the students at Robert May School at their Tea Dance. The Students were so welcoming and chatted with us and took wonderful care of us.

On the 26th for our Christmas preparation Arts and Crafts we began with card making.

Balloon Bounce was the activity the residents chose for the morning. Followed by a bit more work on our memory scrapbooks.

On Thursday the 28th the staff and their families put on a very interesting Cultural Day Celebration. The staff dressing in the traditional costumes of their home countries, they made their traditional dishes for the residents to try and the afternoon was finished with a celebration with their traditional dances.

To cap off the month some of the residents popped to our local the Wyvern for a pint and a packet of crisps.