After a full and busy December, January doesn’t slow us down with lots of activities, outings, entertainers and social events throughout the month.

The OMI interactive activity unit is used regularly within the home. With so many games, activities and options, everyone can find something they enjoy doing.

Fresh flowers are delivered every week to the home. As usual, On the 2nd our lovely residents arranged them into various vases to be placed around the home.

On the 3rd as part of our regular 1 to 1 session’s, some of the ladies had a relaxing pamper session.

The activities team also put on a game of musical bingo. Which all the residents enjoy.

We had a trip out on Friday morning to the Wyvern, our most liked local, for a drink and a catch up. On this occasion some family members were able to join us, as it was still school holidays.

In the afternoon of the 3rd Terry came to entertain. As always, he put on a great show. Wooed the ladies and got everyone joining in.

On the Monday the 6th we all chipped in to take down the Christmas decorations. This is a great time to chat and reminisce about Christmas’s past and favourite types of decorations.

And in the afternoon the Arts and Crafts Class made cards to replace our depleted box after a busy period. The donations made from the sale of these cards goes to Families Supporting Care a Charity we support as it is very close to our hearts.

Some residents decided to try some of the new adult colouring packs which seem to be very popular.

On Tuesday morning we got out the board games and puzzles.

After lunch, the activities team and carers arranged a sing along with musical instruments to accompany us.

We played a successful session of word search on Wednesday after which the Greyhound Club came around as part of our animal therapy visits. Their owner tells us lots of interesting facts about the breed and the character of each one.

The 9th we had a competitive game of bean bag targets. This time the ladies were on top form and beat the men hands down.

We have all sorts of things to choose from for our one to one session’s but sometimes it is just nice to chat and have a giggle.

In the afternoon Roger with his hats, jackets and wigs paid tribute to all our favourite singers. We couldn’t resist getting up for a bit of a jive.

Monday morning for our Movement Meet Up we played the parachute game. It is lots of fun trying to keep the balls or balloon in play.

We did a bit more work on our scrapbooking on Tuesday the 14th.

Sarah come in to put together a very entertaining music and sensory interactive show with us.

On Friday the 17th we had jaunt around Redfield’s garden centre before going into their delightful café for cuppa and biscuits.

In the afternoon after lunch the very talented Bill entertained us with his musical talents on the clarinet and violin.

In preparation for Burns night on the Monday the 20th in our Cookery Club we made Short Bread.

In the afternoon the Dominoes teams were out with 4 games sets up around the lounge.

During our reminiscing spot on Tuesday the theme of the day was animals.

Wednesday’s exercise activity was balloons bounce with a difference – Light up baton’s. Which was great fun!

Fiona came with Alison’s goats after lunch on Thursday. They are such funny characters. The residents love to see, feed them and make a fuss.

On Friday morning we boosted our general knowledge with a quiz and lots of Burns Night facts and poetry.

We were joined by our friends from Hill Brow and Woodlands for the afternoon entertainer. This week Natasha came sang for us.

On Monday we began preparations for our Cultural Celebration of Chinese New Year by making decorations, with a big paper Dragon and Chinese lanterns.

The automated cats are still a favourite with some of our Cat loving residents. Their realistic purr and moving and head, tail and ears are a delight.

On Tuesday the 28th the Cookery Club decorated fortune cookies with icing, hundreds and thousands and smarties.

On the 29th, we learnt a lot about Chinese Clothing, money and games and we even tried Chinese food for lunch.

On the 30th we had a guess what is in the bag game as well as card games and puzzles.

A new activities for us is lounge bean bag golf. I think it will be a regular favourite in the future.

In the afternoon the Interactive Table was out around the main lounge this time.

On Friday the 31st our outing in the morning was to the Old Emporium in Fleet Town Centre for a quick half before the Lovely Lauren sang for us in the afternoon.