Here at Hill House we have loved celebrating Greek week as we marked Greek Independence Day. A lot of residents and staff have travelled to Greece and the Greek island for holidays and because we can’t go to Greece, Greece came to us.

We started off the week with our creative flair, making Olympic inspired crowns as part of the arts and crafts session.

Armchair fitness is important to keep our joint flexible and keep us fit. Doing exercise on Tuesday morning got us ready for the fun day ahead.

Armchair Travel took residents to the faraway Islands of Greece without leaving the comfort of the armchairs on Tuesday afternoon.

It provided a sensory experience and the opportunity to learn about Greece and the important past events in a meaningful manner. We were welcomed aboard Hill House Airways by our witty cabin crew (our activities Team) we watched them perform the safety instructions for the plane, before flying off to Greece, we travelled through the streets of Mykonos and Rhodes before setting sail on a cruise around the beautiful Greek Islands. The inflight drinks and refreshments had a special Greek twist. We cannot wait to see where we fly to next.

Tuesday night Staff at Hill House found bags of goodies left in the porch with a heart-warming note, A massive Thank you to the good Samaritan who left us these goodies…We really appreciated the kind and thoughtful gestor at this uncertain time. We hope everyone is staying Safe and Well and we miss seeing you all.

Wednesday morning is a fun time to get together and play games over a nice hot drink, slice of cake and some light conversation.

Wednesday’s Wine Tasting Club drew in a big crowd. We tasted wines from different countries while learning were the grapes are grown and discussing the bodies of the wines, their aromas or bouquets.

Our local Waitrose gifted our dedicated staff a beautiful bunch of flowers. We are so proud of you all team here at Hill House who are going above and beyond to care for our residents.

We loved receiving post from the local Calthorpe Park School, some of the postcards had been hand made with beautiful illustrations and others had been saved from fun holidays the children had travelled to over the half term break. The messages brought big smiles to our faces and we are working hard to reply back to as many as possible.

Thursday’s pamper session is a time for relaxation and reflection for us, we enjoyed a gentle hand massage with meditation music, and finished off with a manicure.

We really benefited from reading Greek Mythology stories as a group on Thursday. We learned about names and places around the tale of Pandoras Box, we took it in turns reading aloud.

Fresh flowers are delivered weekly and we love to get creative and arrange the flowers in beautiful displays.

This week we chose a new jigsaw puzzle and worked together on it throughout the week. A Jigsaw puzzles help us exercise our fingers and minds, have fun, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Friday, we hosted our first Pottery Painting Class and we took pleasure in taking our time to hand paint beautiful pottery pieces, some projects were completed in one class and others will be worked on as the weeks go on.

Friday afternoon and the spring sun was beaming. We took the opportunity to sit on our patio area and relish the fresh air and the smells of the beautiful flowers in the grounds of Hill House.

Saturday morning, we got together and played group games. It is a fun way to build and maintain friendships.

Sunday morning started with some exercises with the parachute an energetic and refreshing way to start the day.

Our lovely activities team as a special treat for our lovely residents picked and gave out beautiful bunches of daffodils’ the bright colour and sweet scents filled the home.