It has been another fun packed week at Hill House. We have had exercise classes, quizzes, board games, themed activities and so much more!

This week at Hill House we have been getting ready for Easter and celebrating happiness. We starting off on Monday morning with brain fitness exercises, it is great stimulation for the brain, solving puzzles, riddles and equations.

Starting a new big jigsaw is fun and its nice to be able to come back and work on it throughout the week, we really are enjoying our jigsaw puzzles.

Tuesday morning exercise class was great fun as we had requested some light boxing exercises, so the activities team had created a fun boxing exercise programme for us.

We really enjoyed having our hair styled and our nails manicured as part of Tuesday afternoons pamper session.

Reminiscing and memories can provide laughter and entertainment as well as an outlet for self-expression, our past is very important to us and we love to share our wisdom with others.

We have loved receiving post from our families and friends, your pictures and words have brought extra comfort to us.

Crazy Hat morning was added on top of our planned timetable on Wednesday to promote happiness and wellbeing. We enjoyed a morning of fun exercises including sword fighting and the Simon says game. We really enjoyed the laughter yoga, it starts by smiling and then slowly beginning to laugh then into a gentle chuckle, our activities team dressed up and shared out crazy hats and before long the whole of Hill House was filled with hearty laughter.

The Big Hill House Pig Race returned, we loved bring the home together and enjoying a fun afternoon of racing, placing bets and winning fun treats and crowning our overall winner for the day. We enjoyed giving he pigs silly names and cheering them on as they waddled down the track.

Thursday morning craft sessions let us get creative while making Easter cards to send out to our loved ones.

Thursday afternoon was happy hour here at Hill house, our Tiki cocktail bar was set up with spirits on optics, fruit punches and stylish tiki glasses. Residents and staff united dressing up in grass skirts and leis. We had lots of fun drinks to choose from, Rum Punch, Bloody Mary’s, and the Hill House Cocktail of the day. Music played as residents and staff danced and sang along. The Tiki bar was taken around the home visiting all residents and bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Rainbows are the positive symbol of these uncertain times; we have created our own hearts of happiness rainbow and we enjoyed writing our names or a little message on the coloured hearts before displaying them at the entrance of Hill House.

We have all sorts of things to choose from for our one to one session’s, reading a short story from the country life magazine brought great happiness and enjoyment on a Friday afternoon while others settled down to watch the King’s Speech the movie.

Friday morning we have buckets of fresh flowers for the home and flower arranging is a fun part of our week, we love to create stunning floral displays and love to see them displayed around the home.

Balloon bounce is a fun and easy way for us to get exercise into our daily routine on a Saturday.

Having been blessed with beautiful weather this weekend we took the opportunity to get out and enjoy it. While some enjoyed feeding the fish in the pound, others were happy to enjoy a cool refreshing drink and great conversation on the patio out in the sunshine.