Residents were able to reminisce on memories from times of war and celebrate the ending of the Second World War together this week as we celebrated ‘Victory in Europe’ all week getting ready for the 75th anniversary on Friday.

On May 8, 1945, Winston Churchill announced the German surrender and the end of fighting, which saw the historic moment break out into celebrations across the country. We have been sharing our stories of the war, watching documentaries as well as lots of other fun activities here at Hill House this week.

Monday morning, we got creative making union jack party hats as part of our arts and craft club.

Elizabeth’s quiz week started on Monday as we gathered together in the lounge and answered quiz questions about flags of the world, the conversation was flowing as we spoke about the wonderful places around the world, we have been lucky enough to visits.

The afternoon continued to be jam packed with lots of activities we started a new giant jigsaw, while others watched a world war two documentary about planes of the war, it showed some spectacular footage from the cockpits that only a few of us had seen before.

Additional day 2 of Elizabeth’s quiz got us talking about sports answer quiz questions before we discussed sports we had played, wished we had played and sports our children and grandchildren play. We also discussed how sport brough communities together during the war and The famous story from the First World War football match of the Christmas Day truce started after a ball was kicked from the British lines into No Man’s Land.

Therapy for the mind, flower arranging is a relaxing, contemplative practice. The hands-on activity requires us to direct our attention to the flowers and the creative activity we are faced with. We also had the opportunity to watch an archived video from the artist Bob Ross.

Turning 90 is a great achievement and we celebrated in style with lots of presents and cards sent in from family, our chef baked a scrumptious 90th birthday cake, it was enjoyed with afternoon tea and coffees.

Tuesday afternoon we played a wide range of games, cards, dominoes but our favourite was snakes and ladders we played as a large group before enjoying one to one games.

With the sun shining although not overly hot we took time to enjoy the sun and read magazines in the garden.

Wednesday morning saw us take part in day 3 of Elizabeth’s quiz, the questions where about our jobs and the many jobs we have done over the years, it was interesting to hear how the war had effected the jobs we did many of us having to go out to work as the men were away serving this lead to great opportunities and expenses.

Taking time to get pampered is so important for our mental wellbeing, we are so appreciative that the staff are helping us stay looking fantastic, we also got active with some chair-based exercises.

Staff helped celebrate birthdays in lock down spending time reading cards and opening presents as a group and enjoying each other’s company.

Quoits is a fun game; we play in a knock out tournament and score as we go until we have an overall winner on Wednesday afternoon. It also encourages us to be a little more active as we use muscles and movement we wouldn’t use in our everyday lives.

Wednesday was a popular day for birthdays here at Hill House. We adored a delicious cake made by chef and decorated with lots of yummy chocolates.

Parachute games were enjoyed in our Wednesday afternoon movement to music class as we sung and danced while holding the parachute creating waves and movement in a big circle in the lounge.

Thursday morning we took part in the final of Elizabeth’s Quiz’s as we reflected on past times and hobbies, we filled the white board with an array of fun activities we have been part of throughout our lives.

Knowing our hobbies and interests inspire and motivate us to join in activities throughout the home, music and songs resonated with us in an individual way while at the same time bring us together as a group, we love to sing and play musical instruments as part of our sing along sessions. Others enjoyed a quieter morning painting and completing jigsaw puzzles.

Thursday afternoon Garden view enjoyed an early VE Day street party, this street party was designed to be a quieter affair for those residents who would benefits from the calmer and relaxed environment.
To commemorate the announcement that Germany had offered unconditional surrender to the Allies and bringing an end to the Second World War in Europe, we got out our party hats and put on our lipstick for our indoor street party. Soft war time music playing in the background while we tucked into a luxurious afternoon tea of, scones, cream and jam, finger sandwiches and lots of yummy cakes. As we sat around the table, we shared our experiences of the war days, some of us were only babies’ others had been an active participant in the war efforts working at Bletchley Park or being a WAAF. the celebrations lifted everyone’s spirits and the afternoon ended up turning into a dance as we shared our stories of how we danced in the streets that night inspiring some of us to get up and dance together. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful afternoon together.

Others enjoyed getting their nails painted, hair styled and taking part ins sensory activities that afternoon.

Friday morning, we started a new jigsaw puzzles it is of a world war two street party picture and played board games together. We helped fold napkins and create floral displays ready for this afternoon’s indoor street party. On the big screen we also enjoyed watching VE Day Tv that included the two-minute silence as we reflected and gave thanks to everyone who had given their life and served in world war two.

Some of us choose to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day in our own way but our magnificent activities team ensured we did not miss out, as the home enjoyed their big indoor street party, the Ve Day tea trolley rolled round the rooms and other lounges ensuring everyone was included in the celebrations, they wore fancy-dress and came waving union jack flags, before serving freshly baked scones, finger sandwiches and yummy cakes.

Wow. What a party we had!!!!!!

On 8 May 1945 war was declared over and people took to the streets to celebrate with street parties to rejoice in the news. So, to mark the 75th anniversary as such a special day, we hosted our very own indoor street party, with classic war time songs playing creating such a special atmosphere. We played party games like pass the parcel, survey says and Number actions game which saw our manger Kim running on the spot for 30 seconds to pass the challenge for her team. We all waved our Union Jacks and wore our hats, surrounded by red, white and blue bunting and balloons as we tucked into a fabulous afternoon tea spread prepared by our amazing kitchen staff. The activities team went all out and dressed up in 1940’s fancy dress we had a land girl, military Sargant and 1940’s military wife as they served us teas and coffees throughout the afternoon. The afternoon ended with a triumphant sing along, as we sung out to Vera Lynn, Flanagan & Allen, The Andrew Sisters and many more the home was filled with love and laughter and we toasted those who gave so much for us to live the life of freedom we have now.

After all the excitement of Friday we had a relaxing Saturday morning folding bunting to put away and enjoying reading our papers and catching up with families on skype. A golf putting game saw a competition start on Garden View and a leader board made so we can keep score of handicaps.

Saturday afternoon saw the hottest day of 2020 so far and we made the most of the blue skies, sitting round the fish pound and enjoying long walks in the garden.

Sunday morning, we took part in a game of ‘play your cards right’ trying to out beat our own scores.

Afternoon Exercises, it doesn’t have to be boring we love to exercise and have fun at the same time, Balloon bounce and ball games always get everyone laughing and joking about and was the perfect end to a fun filled week on Sunday afternoon.