Hill House was awash with Royalty this week as we explored the heritage of the current Monarchy and the Kings and Queens of Britain’s past. We tested our royal knowledge, handmade royal decorations and celebrated the Queens official Birthday with High tea.

Monday morning, we started the week off with creative flair, as we made shields and swords as part of arts and crafts club. When we are crafting, we are creating and when we are creating, we are using your mind.

Monday afternoon we jumped back in time as we took on a medieval royal and general knowledge quiz, hosted by our very own Medieval Princess.

In our garden view lounge, we danced while music played through the interactive activity centre. We cleared the objects projected onto the floor as we danced and moved our feet to the beat of the music. Others took on a royal themed game of hangman on the whiteboard, working as a team to solve the word puzzles.

Tuesday morning, we took part in therapeutic painting. Therapeutic art is a discipline that incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media Using art as a medium for healing promotes self-exploration, understanding, self-esteem, and awareness. We have displayed our art work in our lounge it is a bright and colourful scene of butterflies, flowers and dragon flies.

Our scrapbooks are growing week by week as we have so many amazing pictures to add to them, it’s so much fun looking back at all the activities we have taken part in and enjoyed.

After a yummy lunch our gardening/floristry group meet up for tea and to create beautiful floral vases together. Innkeeping with this week’s Royal theme we arranged red gerberas and roses, white carnations and blue thistles flowers along with others in vases and proudly displayed them around the home for everyone to enjoy. We also got wrapped up and explored the gardens here at Hill House.

Alternately in the lounge we took on a juggling challenge inspired by the royal court jester of medieval times. The lounge was full of laughter as we throw beanbags around in the hope of catching them, some unexpected stars stole the show as they amazed us by juggling 3 bean bags at a time. Gifts and cards from families turned up late afternoon and we took time to arrange the flowers and open the care packages and lovely cards from our loved ones.

Wednesday mornings, movement to music class lead into an impromptu music session as we played instruments to the beat of the song playing. Others happily listened and explored sensory activities and jigsaw puzzles.

In the lounge we took on a right royal quiz and word games on the white board. Inspired by the weeks theme we answered questions about the British Monache spanning back 100 years. We also worked on a personalised puzzle to reveal the image of one of us meeting the Queen at a party which brought on a lot of laughter when it was revealed it was a cardboard cut out of the Queen.

Later that day, helping to make the tea’s and coffees, this is a great example of why we love living here at Hill House. Promoting our independence gives us a sense of achievement that generates a great sense of self-worth and well-being. We enjoyed a game of indoor golf using our art project from last week.

We enjoyed a very active exercise class this week, we joined a giant game of balloon tennis, hitting the balloons across the room to the other team trying to keep the balloon off the floor at all times.

Celebrating a birthday with tasty homemade cake made by our wonderful chef and enjoyed with a hot cup of tea with friends.

Thursday morning, we looked through pictures, newspaper articles and our personal memories of the royal weddings of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, the Queens wedding to Prince Philip and not forgetting William and Kates big day. We enjoyed a royal face guessing game and talking to loved ones on skype video calls. Garden View lounges also got active with armchair exercises and fresh air garden walks.

Thursday saw the return of our much loved hairdresser as she comes on board as a permanent member of staff, we are so pleased to welcome her back and to relieve the activities team of their duty. We cant thank them enough for keeping us looking fabulous during the lockdown.

The afternoon was full of fun and laughter as our personal inhouse dance teacher took staff and residents through a ballet set on the bars, correcting our footwork and posture and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. We also took on a Henry the 8th Quiz about his many wives, we are surrounded by Henry the 8th land and that gives the local area great history and this we loved to share with one and other.

The count down to the Queens official birthday was on, we spent Friday morning making and hanging decorations; bunting, painting crowns and paperchains. The home was ready to celebrate with red, white and blue everywhere. The homes decorations inspired conversations about the royal family how it has changed over the years and where we think it will go in the future, what traditions will be kept and who we want to be king next.

As the afternoon contained some of us settled down to watch Robin hood. Others spent time with staff members enjoying memorable moments one to one. Always having a wide selection of activities to choose from each day ensure we will always find something to enjoy.

Saturday morning, we came together as a home and watched the trooping of the colours, which is a tradition for many of us and has been for many years. It was with great delight the BBC has extended the broadcast and the weather had stayed sunny for the occasion. We enjoyed strolls around the garden before lunch and quiet time enjoying our personal activities.

During the afternoon we celebrated the Queens Official Birthday with high tea. The afternoon was full of royalty and amusement we tucked into freshly baked scones, blondies and gooey chocolate cake before the activities team hosted a Royal sing along across the home, with musical instruments song sheets and fancy dress.

Sunday, we played a wide range of games, cards, dominoes but our favourite was snakes and ladders we played as a large group before enjoying one to one game. This week’s movie club film was the king’s speech, we tucked into ice-creams and sweets as we watched, finishing off a perfect Royal themed week.