Hill House celebrated Father’s Day this week with a Casino theme, requested during a men’s club conversation.
The marvellous activities team pulled out all the stops as they created a casino atmosphere to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday with two roulette tables, a cocktail bar and so much more.
Residents were excited to learnt new card games, take part in giant scrabble, enjoy long walks in the garden and got creative in pottery club as part of a packed week of activities.

Monday morning, we enjoyed a wide range of person-centred activities, we got creative with Velcro faces, enjoyed therapeutic colouring and kept our brains busy with word games and brain teasers.

We enjoyed a spot of golf after lunch, all from the comfort of their armchairs. There was concentration all around as we lined up our shots and competed to see who could get the most points, as there was a sweetie prize at stake!
Alternately we enjoyed a game of play your cards right, trying to get the longest running streak.

Tuesday morning, we started our day with a full exercise programme, using music and song lyrics to inspire us to keep moving. We also spent time out in the garden playing memory games and taking walks in the sunshine.

Casino week gave us the opportunity to par-take and learn cards games we had never played before. Tuesday afternoon we played black jack (also known as 21), Craps (a dice game) and Faro (A French gambling game).

Garden view lounge was filled with the smell of beautiful fresh cut flowers as we made floral arrangements to display around the home, we finished the afternoon with light armchair exercises.

Wednesday morning, we had fun playing the target ball game, throwing the ball into the box to revile our score. This game is great as it gets us moving as well as gets us adding up our scores after throwing the three balls.

We took a look through our scrapbooks and added pictures and captions to all the fun activities we have been involved in last week, we shared with each other our memories and stories.

That afternoon we started and finished a 250-piece jigsaw of vintage transport. We shared stories of riding around on motor bikes for our honeymoon and visiting air shows and seeing spirt fires pass over our heads. Others took on the giant crossword puzzle answering questions to fill the board.

We continued to fill our scrapbooks with photographs and captions before getting active with parachute games in the garden view lounge.

Thursday morning, we started the day with exercises getting our minds and bodies filled with energy. We took on a men’s famous faces quiz guessing the famous faces before hearing fun facts about each person.

Our window visits with loved ones is an important step towards opening the home again to visitors. The window visits are so important for our mental wellbeing and brings us great joy as we share stories with each other.

Memory games like picture pairs help us exercise the mind, which can boost brain health, they also provide a creative outlet, helping us strengthen social connections.

Thursday afternoons Pottery club is a fun and popular activity as we enjoy both the activity and the creative process, with it triggering a positive mood during the sessions, providing psychological well-being. We painted teddy bears, ducks, flowers, cats and trinket pots while listening to classical music.

We celebrated with a beautiful cream and strawberry birthday cake in garden view lounge, followed by ball games, dominoes and a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Friday morning brought us all together for a giant game of scrabble. We love to keep our minds active and the challenge of scrabble is a brilliant way to test our language skills. We finished the morning with a game of black jack.

Cooking club activates the senses. Touch, smell, sight, and taste, we loved this week cooking club as we cut up fruit and made individual fruit salads that we could enjoy choosing fruits we liked and trying new fruits as a group.

The afternoon was packed with a wide range of exhilarating activities to choose from, we shared casino stories as a group while making fruit cocktails, we spent time enjoying therapeutic colouring, playing sensory games on the interactive activity centre. In our garden view lounge, we played a giant table top game of snakes and ladders and playing ball games.

Saturday mornings movement to music exercises got us all dancing and enjoying the music. We then enjoyed a wide range of person centre activities, Manicures, jigsaw puzzles, knitting and reading the daily papers with a hot drink.

That afternoon we put our senses to the test as we explore the scent boxes. We tried to sniff out the mystery smells, we then spoke about the memories that particular smell provoked. Alternatively we enjoyed aqua art, reading as a group and a poker chip flip game that brought lots of laughter as they rolled around the room.

Sunday morning, we took on a Father’s Day word game, using the word ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to create over 102 words, we also completed Father’s Day word searches and word puzzles.
We were treated to Father’s Day themed cookie and they went perfectly with a cup of tea and great conversation.

On Sunday afternoon we celebrate Father’s Day in style as the men of Hill House including a few of our lovely ladies came together for a Casino afternoon. The afternoon included a number of traditional casino games, including higher and lower, black jack and a full roulette table, cold beers from the cocktail bar and a yummy Father’s Day carrot cake made by our fabulous chef. We sat together around a designated card table with banners and bunting wishing us a Happy Father’s Day and a giant black, white and red balloon arch covered the piano, we each had a mountain of poker chips to spend playing the various games throughout the afternoon.
A second roulette table went mobile visiting bedrooms and lounges, we all had so much fun placing bets spinning the roulette wheel and holding our breath while we waited to see if our numbers came up winning us prizes and treats.