Residents at Hill House explored Wimbledon this week, even though it was cancelled this year due to covid-19 we didn’t let that ruin any of our fun. We looked at the history of the iconic tennis club, played indoor balloon tennis and exercised our body and brain with lots of energetic activities throughout the week.
Monday morning at Hill house started with tennis related quiz games to get everyone in the Wimbledon spirit.

In the court yard garden we enjoyed games and puzzles in the fresh air. In many instances, games require us to use our coordination and hand dexterity.

The afternoon we enjoyed a fun filled exercise class with noodles before settling down to exercise our brains with a giant cross word. Alternately in the garden view lounge we explored the tennis rummage boxes bringing back memories of playing tennis with our families and all the fun times we have spent playing tennis together.

Tuesday morning in the lounge we investigated the tennis rummage book looking through magazine cutting from Wimbledon and shared stories of living in the local area and how it effected our day to day living, we also learnt that 3 of us would all wait outside Wimbledon on match days and ask the early leaves if we could have their tickets and as most of them had enjoyed the complimentary champagne they handed over tickets and we would use tehri tickets to get access to the late afternoon games on centre court free of charge. We also enjoyed therapeutic arts and crafts session adding our art work to the art wall.

As the afternoon continued, we carried on our Wimbledon theme with a large group game of indoor tennis. Using rackets and a balloon we volleyed and served the balloon to the opposite team trying to make sure we were not the ones to let the balloon touch the ground the room was filled with laughter and the balloon never ended up where it was meant to.

Wednesday morning, we got creative with arts and crafts club as we made tissue paper strawberries and painted water colour strawberries, Arts and crafts club encourages our self-expression through a creative outlet.

That afternoon we enjoyed a relaxing game of floor bowls. Working in a team we tried to get closes to the jack to win the game and adding a point to the leader board. In our garden view lounge, we enjoyed listening to classical music as we added pictures to our scrapbooks and looked back through the memories and the fun we have been taking part in.

Thursday morning, we engaged in memory games and jigsaw puzzles as part of our person-centred activities. Others took part in light exercise and a fun and energetic game of balloon bounce.

Thursday afternoon we took on a Wimbledon inspired word game on the whiteboard using the letters from ‘Wimbledon’ we tried to create as many words as we could. Alternatively, in garden view lounge we spoke of our families and friends we wrote messages on card and took pictures to send to our families who we are missing dearly and looking forwards to seeing more often, using the window and garden visits as well as regular catch ups on skype calls.

Friday morning, we got stuck into cooking club and helped the kitchen team out preparing and cutting the strawberries for the afternoon. We also took delivery of some beautiful pink flowers and others took time to arrange them in stunning bouquets ready to be displayed around the home.

That afternoon we watch classic Wimbledon games on the big screen while tucking into strawberries and cream a traditional Wimbledon snack. We also participated in a wide range of person-centred activities, dominoes, card games and cog puzzles.

Saturday morning was full of excitement we enjoyed window visits with families as we celebrated two birthdays as well as an entertaining game of giant snakes and ladders. The garden view lounge explored the interactive activity table swiping and splaying objects that apeared in fun games and quizes.

The afternoon we enjoyed more birthday celebration with two birthday cakes and a birthday singalong, these ladies celebrated in style. Others spent the afternoon playing RummyKub, dominoes and garden walks.

Sunday morning as part of our exercise to music programme we got ourselves warmed up and ready for the day as we sung along and stretched our bodies at the same time. Alliteratively we took part in therapeutic arts club. It is great to see everyone’s individual skills shine through and as well as brings everything together as they learn and explore together.

Movie club was popular this week with a history documentary of Wimbledon tennis club, we enjoyed ice creams and pick n mix from the treat trolley as we watched. Other took aprt in a small group jigsaw puzzle and helped prepare the display table and dust down the artefacts ready to be displayed.