Hill House was a buzz of excitement this week, transport week had been requested by residents who attend men’s club, we delighting in them sharing their knowledge and wisdom with everyone, there was plenty of competition this week as residents took part in giant floor games and team quizzes. Friday saw us celebrate NAPA day in style with a ‘Carry on Cycling Challenge’ and the annual Hill house staff talent show.

Monday morning, we took part in an enthusiastic game of skittles, taking it in turns to knock down pins. In the garden view lounge, we spent time completing word searches and word games as well as partaking in an energetic exercise programme.

That afternoon as part of arts and crafts week and as we get ready for our annual NAPA day celebrations we hand and hung bunting around the home and created a konometer tracker so we can keep track of how far we cycled. Others spent time playing board games and dominoes.

Tuesday morning, we added to our personal scrapbooks as well build memories and explore new themes every week we also have lots of pictures to cut and stick in as well as recording memories and feeling that we feel when revisiting activities, we have taken part in. In the garden view lounge, we played a picture pairs, teasing our brain into remembering sequences and patterns.

Tuesday afternoon as part of men’s club we revisited childhood fun as we raced remote control cars around the lounge and showed off our skills with donuts 3-point turns and even a car flip. After the excitement of the remote-control cars we examined a vintage collection of toy cars, that have been kept in the original packaging for years and dated back to the 1950’s. In the garden view lounge, we arranging beautiful hand cut flowers into floral bouquets to be displayed the home, as part of our flower arranging club.

Wednesday morning over a hot cup of tea we reminisced the history of the iconic London bus, how over the years it was privatised and how the shapes and models of buses are for ever changing. We shared our knowledge of buses and transport with one another, looked at old bus maps of London and answered a pop quiz of buses. Alternately we spent the morning being pampered with hand massages, manicures whilst listening to classical music. Others enjoyed persona centred activities as they played games, enjoyed garden walks and spending time completing jigsaw puzzles.

The afternoon was filled with a wide selection of activities. We took on a new giant crossword working together to complete the questions and riddles to reveal the answers, we reminiscence of the vehicles we have owned and driven, we complied a list of all the different forms of transportation we could think of under each sub category.

Thursday mornings quiz group was all themed around cars, we first playing guess the car makes by their logos, followed by a vintage car picture round and finished with a car quiz. We love taking part in Quizzes, it the process of retrieval, bringing the information to mind and learning and recalling iformation.

In the garden view lounge we played a giant game of sakes and ladders it is a great social activity and we appreciate the great conversation while we play.

After a yummy lunch we joined as a group to play board games, Trivial pursuit is a traditional board game and many of us have played it throughout the years, working in two teams we raced round the board collection tokens for answering question correctly. The lounge was filled with laughter and joy as none of us took the game too seriously and were enjoying each other’s company as well has the banter going back and forwards between the teams. Others spent time building games and looking through magazines and reading books.

Our annual NAPA day celebration was hosted on Friday, we enjoyed a jam-packed day of laughter, singing and exercise, the home was filled with colour from bunting, a balloon arch and party streamers. The celebration started with the staff and residents ‘Carry on cycling challenge’ as we aimed to cycle 100km on a static bike, taking it in turns the staff dressed in silly outfits while singing, dancing and cycling at the same time for our entertainment. We cheered them on as they knocked off konometers at a time and showed great spirit and determination. We similarly got involved in the cycle challenge and did our bit to contribute, two of us sat on the bike itself and cycled for 5 to 10minuteseach, others used the peddled from the comfort of the armchairs.

We reached 50km just before lunch and headed to our BBQ knowing we were half way there. Our amazing chef and her team delivered a fabulous BBQ with mouth-watering burgers, fresh salad and crispy chips.

Staff carried on cycling as we enjoyed our lunch, we joined them back in the lounge ready for the afternoon’s talent show. They had incorporated the bike and the challenge into their talent act, they put on a comedy sketch for our delight we laughed a lot and sung along to ‘daisy daisy’ and ‘get me to the church on time’, we enjoy a second act as we watched a traditional Nepalis dance from who very talented carers.

The ‘Carry on cycling challenge continued after the talent show, with not many kilometres left two of our directors agreed to get us over the finish line and complete the remaining konometers left. Reaching the final 100km with a bang of confetti to celebrate, the whole home cheered and broke into song and dance, staff who hadn’t yet cycled hopped on and continued to build up the konometers while we enjoyed the stunning celebrational cake made by jade with hot tea and coffees. The afternoon continued as we sung on the microphone and danced with each other it really was a magical day and we loved every minute of it.

Saturday, we spent time outdoors enjoying the gardens and the fresh air, we enjoy feeding the fish and watching for the lilies growing in the pond. The interactive activity centre provides great sensory activities as well and encouraging movement as we reach, swipe, splat and move objects around, you will often hear us singing along to the songs or humming the tune.

Saturday afternoon we got active and moving as we enjoyed balloon bounce and parachute games as part of the fun exercises programme on offer here at Hill House.

In the lounge we collectively took on a white board word game finding hidden words and in cryptic clues, as well as playing a word finder game from the word transport.

Sunday morning we were treated to a pet therapy session as Daisy visited with Director Alison, the stroke of dog’s soft ears or feeing the gentle rumble of a cat’s purr provides a calming and comforting feeling for everyone, daisy brings us such joy when she visits.

After an amazing Sunday lunch, we playing a group game of dominoes and listened to jazz music. We also received gifts, read cards and letters from loved ones as well as enjoying thematic arts with aqua art work and water colour painting.