Cette semaine à Hill House, residents took a trip to France for the comfort of the home. They explored French landmarks, recreated famous French artworks and enjoyed fresh French pastries that they helped cook themselves along with many other stimulating activities.

Monday morning, we exercised our minds as we took on a French themed word finder as a large group, using the letters from ‘I can’t speak French’ we found many words in English and a few in French.

Tuesday morning in the garden view lounge we played an enjoyable game of skittles and balloon tennis, these are just a few fun exercise games we play. Others took part in a French landmark quiz. The conversation was flowing as we spoke about our trips to France and other European countries.

That afternoon we were treated to a French themed tea trolley to celebrate Bastille Day. The trolley played French music and our amazing activities team came singing and dancing as they went around the home visiting lounges and rooms, they poured us hot drinks in fine bone china or a glass of French wine and served warm French pastries.

Wednesday morning as part of our weekly exercise programme we used an NHS approved exercise programme, followed by a game of mini golf. In the garden view lounge we took on a new jigsaw puzzle it was a beautiful scene of a country cottage and stream with lots of wild life.

Our cooking club was very popular this week as we made fresh French crepes, we enjoyed them with lemon and sugar, the wonderful smell filled the home.

As well that afternoon we enjoyed a pet therapy visit from a French bulldog who came dressed in a neckerchief, his big ears and funny smile melted our hearts and we enjoyed long cuddles and playing fetch with him.

Thursday morning, we tested out a new quiz game, Quiz noughts and crosses. We battled out in teams in answer questions to be able to place our mark on the board, we raced to be the team to get a row of 3. The quiz questions where tricky but got us thinking.

In the garden view lounge, we had lots of great activities to chose from we played dominos, picture pairs and word searches.

Thursday afternoon we enjoyed arranging the weekly flower delivery into vases as part of floristry club, later that afternoon we played floor bowls this game is becoming popular and soon we will need two games set up in the lounge.

Friday morning, we got creative with our therapeutic painting inspired by the French painter ‘Oscar-Claude Monet’ his sunflower vase painting with all its vibrant colours. We recreate his painting using water colours and adapted it into a collage. Others made music on the interactive activity centre by rolling a ball back and forwards over the keys to create a melody and a group of us played ‘Whot’ card game together just before lunch.

Friday afternoon the sun was shining, we had a great afternoon in the garden wine tasting. We tried a selection of both French white and red wine, gaining knowledge about where they are grown, what flavour combinations we should be able to taste and smell. The afternoon concluded with a birthday celebration and a yummy chocolate cake with friends.

Saturday morning as part of pick n mix activities we chose to take part in a French group quiz, large jigsaw puzzles and a game of dominoes. There is always a wide range of activities on offer at hill house and great staff here to help us and join in the fun.

Saturday afternoon we asked to watch a movie ‘the lady in the van’ we had read a write up about it in the tv guide and the activities team sourced us a copy to watch. Other enjoyed walks in the garden and window visits with families.

Sunday morning, we spent time reading the daily papers listening to status quo and enjoying hot drinks and biscuits from the tea trolley. Person centred activities provide multisensory benefits and capture interest and spark long-term memory.

Sunday afternoon garden view lounge had a tasty cooking club as we whipped up batter to make crepes. Cooking is an act of patience, mindfulness, an outlet for creative expression and helps to raise our self-esteem as we feel good about doing something positive for others.