Hill House has spent the week exploring literacy, from Roald Dahl, Pam Ayres poetry and writing their own stories. The week has also included an array of arts and crafts, water colour illustrations, crafting decorations and photo transfers onto wooden hearts. The hottest week of the year so far saw many stay indoors where it was cool.

Monday morning, we enjoyed a choice of card games and other board games, card games create a fun and social group and we love to chat and laugh together while playing.

That afternoon the home took on an array of crafting activities, we made giant sweet and candy out of tissue paper ready to transform the home into a chocolate factory later in the week. Other created personalised wooden hearts each decorated with a picture of the residents to hang from our visiting gazebos.

Tuesday morning, we gathered and shared stories from our life, including family legends and mysteries. We created a short round robin story taking it in turns to add the next line until we concluded the story with a happy ending. Story writing promotes imagination and draws on personal stories and our fondest memories.
Alternatively, in the garden view lounge we had a whale of a time playing ball and balloon games as part of our varied exercise programme.

We are so lucky at Hill House that so many of our staff have pets that are good natured and loved so dearly, they are able to bring pets into the home and provide us with pet therapy sessions to help our mental wellbeing. Tuesday afternoon we spent time with Bessy and Tatty bunny rabbit brought in by our chef Jade, feeling their soft fur and stroking the floppy ears brought a sense of calm and relaxation to the home.

Alongside the pet therapy session, we explored our scrapbooks, adding pictures in weekly enable use to record and document memories of our chasseing using images and noting down our comments and feeling when looking back, triggering memories and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Wednesday mornings cooking club was a chocolaty affair as we made a range of chocolate cakes and biscuits as part of Rahul dahl day here at Hill House, we had discussed his many stories the week before and agreed Charlie and the chocolate factory would be a great excuse for a tea party and of course chocolate themed.

An afternoon of chocolate laughter and silly outfits, the activities team and the kitchen had worked so hard to transform the dining room into a Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory tea room, with our crafted giant sweets hanging from the ceiling and windows, giant lollypops as table centres and of course our fine bone china cups and saucers dressed the tables. We were served by Willy Wonka himself and his chief Oomph Loompa; drinking tea and coffee while tucking into chocolate cakes, biscuits and chef’s special chocolate dipped strawberries.

We each were given a chocolate Wonka bar and played a fun ‘Golden Ticket Raffle’ just like in the story book. Opening our Wonka Bars to find a hidden golden ticket if we were lucky to win prizes.

Thursday morning, we embarked on a group art project in the lounge as we cut up old magazines and used the wording to create a collage. Garden view lounge used water colours as part of the therapeutic art session, inspired by the wildlife illustrations. Others enjoyed reading poetry and playing dominoes.

The afternoons flower arranging club we used flower arranging as a sensory touch activity. We explored the textures, feel and smell of each flower, from the fuzzy, bouncy, softly spiky flower heads to smelling the floral grassy scents, each unique and varied.

Friday morning as a group in the garden view lounge we completed a giant jigsaw puzzle, followed by games of dominoes and a catch up while enjoying a cup of tea. In the lounge we played giant snakes and ladders as part of our exercise programme and the famous faces quiz.

With the weather hot in the afternoon we stayed indoors in the cool, we came from across the home to the lounge to play giant beach ball games. We took on this week’s giant cross word together sharing our knowledge and wisdom with one and other.

Saturday morning as requested by a resident we have set up an art studio in the light well of the lounge, with an easel, water colours, pencils, charcoals and acrylic paints. She has spent the day creating a beautiful penguin picture, inspired by figurines and the natural documentary she watched the night before.

Saturday afternoon with the temptures soring and it being too hot to be outside we enjoyed cold refreshments from the kitchen and spent time engaging in crossword puzzles, the interactive activty centre games.

Sunday morning our knitter natter group met in the lounge to create stunning knitted pattern to create a new blanket or to be turned into bags. We took on a group crossword using the Sunday paper and we answered all but 3 and look forwards to having the answers revealed in the next paper. We spent time in the garden and answering quiz questions in the garden view lounge.

Sunday afternoon’s movie club showed Charlie and the chocolate factory, we enjoyed ice creams while watching the movie, we spent time taking short walks in the garden and sitting in the shade. Engaging in sensory activities like fidget boards provide sensory input in a less distracting way. They can help improve concentration and attention to tasks by allowing the brain to filter out the extra sensory information.