To celebrate Indian Independence Week, the activities for the week were flavoured with lots of interesting information on Indian. Full of facts, pictures, games and even a holiday guide to India.
Of course, we still had the usual daily movement classes, Jigsaws and puzzles, scrapbooking and quizzes, gardening and cooking club, arts and crafts to mention a few.

For the Dish of the Day our talented chef Jade made this lovely pork curry and rice, onion bhaji’s and naan bread. This was followed by coconut rice pudding. It all smelt and tasted wonderful!

On Monday after our exercise class balloon bounce, our arts and crafts club got together, where we were creative with watercolours.

On Tuesday for our movement session we used target throwing with accompanying facts on India and Indian Culture.

Over in our Garden View we had lots of fun with colouring and card flower making.

On Wednesday to brought the Indian theme into our workshop with our own Henna style hand designs.

We also had a go at some dancing. We were not very successful but there were lots of giggles.

In the afternoon we had a tea tasting. With several different flavours to try like, peppermint, fruit teas, breakfast tea etc. The general consensus is – you just can’t beat a cup of tea normal English tea.

On Thursday the weather was far too warm to be outside in our lovely grounds or on the patio but it didn’t stop us enjoying the creamy ice-cream from our very own ice-cream maker. The selection of toppings was an added bonus.

We decided that board games and card games in doors would be a far cooler choice. We also had an Indian themed white board quiz.

There was a rather sporting game of skittles as well.

Friday after breakfast we did our music and movement class. Everyone loves to join in and sing along to this one.

In the afternoon David showed us some of his Indian Holiday clips. It was so colourful and interesting as he described the places he visited.

This inspire some Indian style artwork.

Saturday morning was relaxing with music and papers in the lounge.

In the afternoon our gardening club planted some crest and herbs in preparation for our theme next week. We also got started on our colourful sensory table.

On Sunday we rummaged around our reminiscent box, there are just so many interesting items giving us plenty to talk about.

Of course, our garden visits continue and are so welcome for residents and their families.

We finished the week with the immensely entertaining film Marigold Hotel for our Sunday Movie Night.