Gardening week has been such a wonderful chance to have conversations about our gardens, vegetable patches and gardening triumphs over the years. We have had a wonderfully warm summer this year and it has been a highlight to spend time in the colourful courtyards and grounds around Hill House.

We planted up some crest which chef will use for sandwiches. It will be interesting to see it sprout and grow over the coming days. We also pressed flowers for our scrapbooks. This is something many of us has done before.

Our interactive pets are still a favourite with the residents. We have puppies and cats that make gentle movements, sound realistic and are wonderfully soft to touch.

After a short flower themed quiz, we had a go at the giant crossword. This is a good opportunity for everyone to join in.

In the afternoon the staff joined us in a singalong. With a selection of our favourites like, Run Rabbit, Daisy Daisy and We’ll meet again to name a few.

After our exercise session in the morning we had our Residents Meeting held by Jo Grinyer our Director of Care this time. We really appreciate how much our input and ideas are valued by everyone in the home.

Every week we have buckets of fresh flowers delivered to all of the homes. At this time of year, the sunflowers are a fantastic addition. Our talented residents put together stunning vases and displays that are placed all around the home.

The interactive projector is in constant use somewhere in the home. There are so many different options and so engaging to use.

As part of the Summer theme we learned to make Pimm’s. This of course, was followed by Pimm’s o’clock in the lounge!

After lunch we played board games, cards, dominoes and did jigsaws. With music playing softly in the background. It is very relaxing.

We had reminiscent session in the morning where we looked through books and magazines and had a rummage in the reminiscent boxes. This always gives a point of conversation as we remember items we used and had in our homes during our younger years.

Every morning we have the opportunity to join in a movement class. This week we had the giant beach ball games, which lead to lots of giggles.

We did a bit more planting towards the end of the week so we could stagger our production.

The Arts and Crafts Club choose to make paper flowers for our garden theme, while others chose to paint or draw.

At the end of the week we that the chance to read the papers in the lounge. We also like to read postcards, letters and cards from friends and family. We just love to receive these and we look at them often.