Residents at hill house celebrated the king of rock and roll this week as they took part in Elvis quizzes and word games, and sung along to his classic songs as well as playing board games, floor bowl tournaments, there was something for everyone.

Monday morning as part of our varied exercise programme we got our mind and body exercises taking part in an energetic game of balloon bounce and a knock out tournament of Quoit’s a game of precision and aim.

The afternoon was filled with a wide range of activities and celebrations, as part of the weekly arts and crafts club we hand crafted beautiful birthday and thankyou cards letting our imaginations run wild, additionally others relaxed and watched the musical Oliver twist. We were delighted to celebrate a 65th sapphire wedding anniversary here at Hill house on Monday the loving couple didn’t let the thunderstorm nor heavy rain dampen their celebration as they looked through their wedding album together and celebrated with a tea and cake.

Tuesday morning garden view lounge challenged themselves to see how many words they could make using the letters from the king of rock and rolls name ‘Elvis Presley’. Challenging our minds with a cumulative brain game is a fun activity that really enhances our memory skills as well as social interaction with one and other. In the lounge residents completed brain training games independently with Elvis themed word searches, crossword and word scramblers. We managed to squeeze in a card game before lunch rounding off a busy morning.

Tuesday afternoon we took on a variety of solo activities picking and choosing independent activities. While in the lounge we took on this week’s giant crossword puzzle, Woking as a team to complete the questions filling the board followed by an Elvis Quiz and trivia game.

Wednesday morning our weekly flower club met to arrange stunning vases for the home, vases filled with flowers are a real mood lifter – adding colour and sweet fragrance to our environment. We also designed miniature floral pots in oasis to display on the dining tables. To play domino and emerge the winner, the player needs to be calculative, strategic and intelligent or trying to be a step ahead of their opponent, it brings out our competitive side and always gets a good crowed to play together.


That afternoon we got very creative as we decorated cupcakes using flower cutters and moulds, we handcrafted stunning sugar flowers and had a master class in piping buttercream icing, the lounge was filled with laughter.

Garden view lounge enjoyed a traditional afternoon tea with fine bone china cups and saucers, tea always tastes better out of a tea pot, the ladies in the lounge brought over their stunning handmade cupcakes for us to enjoy.

Thursday morning, we explored the games cupboard and found Jenga, Jenga is a game of physical skill, players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. A crowed grew as the tower got taller and taller, we waited in anticipation as we took our turns, holding our breath and trying to keep a steady hand before an almighty bang and the game was over.

The mobile interactive activity table brings the fun of games and exercises but also remanence the slide triggered our memories of baking with loves ones and what we could and couldn’t cook.

The afternoons Floor bowling activity was packed as we all joined to form teams to be crowned the winners. Floor bowling has great social benefits and is known to relieve stresses. This sport improves our hand-eye coordination and requires mental alertness, concentration, and tactical strategy.

Celebrating birthdays in style at Hill House with a beautiful birthday cake made by chef. The interactive activity centre played out Elvis songs as we swiped and wiped away the vinyl records to reveal his face, we sung Elvis songs all afternoon while playing musical instruments in time to the music.

Friday mornings exercise programme got the body moving as we played football with a giant yoga ball, played volley ball and finished the morning off with hook a duck and hand massages and manicures.

Inspired by Elvis Presley and his connection to Las Vegas, we rolled out the roulette table placing bets and winning prizes. We had a great afternoon filled with mocktails and card games. Alliteratively we watched one of Elvis’s classical movies- Blue Hawaii. Others relaxed and unwound with classical music and manicures.


The weekend was jam packed with activities and garden visits with families and skype calls. The knitter natter group met on Saturday morning making scarfs and squares. Others enjoyed Sunday mornings newspaper and a catch up group as we read together over a hot drink a warm pastry.