This week at Hill House residents went to the Races. With lots of race related arts and crafts, games puzzles and quizzes and so much more. It was another fun filled week activities with something everyone can enjoy.

Monday morning, we used resistant bands as part of our exercise programme followed by a game of skittle, it doesn’t matter what age you are, the will to enjoy the sports you love will never leave you.


Monday afternoon as part of arts and craft club we constructed colourful horse themed rosettes to decorate the lounge as part of hill house goes to the race’s week.


Tuesday morning, we explored our scrapbooks adding pictures and memories into them, it brings back great memories. We love to receiving post at letters from our loved ones reading them over a nice hot drink and a social chat with friends. In the lounge others took part in the giant crossword.

A traditional British part of the horse racing session is Ladies day at the races. Ladies Day is the day where the excitement of Racing meets high fashion so we all dressed to impress, Hats & fascinators were worn and we enjoyed a luxurious high tea and horse racing bingo game in the dining room, it had been transformed into a stunning tea room with decorations, bunting and table centre pieces.


Wednesday morning, we joined together and played kerplunk, a nerve-racking test of skill, carefully pulling out the sticks, trying not to dislodge the marbles or they’ll come rolling down the chute. We laughed and had so much fun playing together. Garden view lounge enjoyed a singalong session with musical instruments followed by a large jigsaw puzzle. There is always so many get activities on offer at Hill house sometimes it is hard to choose.


Hill House Derby day, the lounge was set up as a giant race course, we placed bets on horses and took it in turns to roll the dice finding out what horse was going to gallop ahead, we cheered our horses on as they raced around the course. Placing bets and winning prizes kept us all in the fun spirit of the game.


Thursday morning, we engaged in a wide range of activities, our weekly flower arrange group met in the lounge to arrange stunning floral displays for the home, men’s club met and played Quoit’s while enjoying one and others company and conversations. Garden view lounge built up a sweet with a jam packed exercise programme with ball games and resistant bands, others played games like Kerplunk and dominoes.



Thursday afternoon the very talented staff member louis treated up to a live piano sing along session, we have missed our weekly entertainers due to the pandemic and it was so nice to have live music back in the home. We followed the song sheets and played musical instruments along with the beat.




Friday morning, garden view lounge started the day with brain training games, jigsaw puzzles and a light exercise programme. A recent study found that elderly people who each day completed a brain exercises game such as memory tasks and number puzzles, experienced improvements to their mental health in areas of memory, reasoning, and information processing. The lounge relished in a big game of floor bowls, the game has become so popular we have had to use a second set of bowls so that more of us can join in and play together.


The afternoon was filled with a wide range of engaging activities, we spent time having meaningful moments with staff over a cup of coffee, we played a picture pair game, completed a cross word independently as well as joining the lounge for the weekly giant crossword puzzle.


On the morning of Saturday, we played a group game ‘the double dice game’ adding up the dice to complete the board first. It’s a great game to get you thinking and have fun with friends at the same time. Alliteratively we read the morning papers, and engaged in sensory stimulating activities.


The afternoon we took part in an art class, still life painting and drawing with a stunning pot of sunflowers, some of use used sunflower templates and used paints to colour match from the sunflower display on the table others sketched out the arrangement.

Sunday morning, we played white board games, hangman, and a word finder. Others enjoyed a morning of dominoes and the daily papers before a lovely roast dinner and a glass of wine. The afternoon we watched a movie as part of film club ‘Black Beauty’ finishing Hill house goes to the races week off in style.