This week at hill house residents have taken a trip across the North Atlantic Ocean and explored the colours and vibrancy of the beautiful country of Brazil. They spent time in the sunshine and enjoyed the goats visiting along with games, and an afternoon aboard Hill House airlines as they were flown virtually to Brazil

Monday morning with the sun shining, we were treated to a visit from the goats. Pet therapy builds on the pre-existing human-animal bond. Interacting with a friendly pet can help our physical and mental issues. It can help reduce blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health, plus they’re great to have around.

Tuesday morning got underway with an energetic start with high impact physical games, we enjoyed balloon tennis, skittles, ball games and finished off with are chair based exercise class.

After lunch we got stuck into a arts and crafts inspired by the Brazilian carnival we handmade our own masks to wear and display. Others opted to playing snakes & ladders and other board games as well has many skype calls and garden visits with our loved ones.

Wednesday morning, a skittle competition started in the garden view lounge, taking it turns to climb the leader board and be crown the winner. The main lounge laughed a lot while playing balloon bounce the whole lounge joined in.

The afternoon was jam packed as we were treated by our amazing activities team to an arm chair travel experience to the sunny sores of Brazil. Travelling to new places and experiencing new cultures can build empathy and offer new learning opportunities. While we may not be able to explore different parts of the world in person, we are given the next best thing – a full travel experience without leaving the comfort of Hill House. The afternoon started with plane tickets and passports allowing us access aboard the Hill House Lounge flight. Bryony and Julie performed the inflight safety demonstration to a packed lounge, followed by facts about the country we were heading off to before our inflight drink service rolled through the isle serving a wide variety of drinks and snacks. We settled in and explored the Brazilian landmarks, hidden gems and the Brazilian culture with the help of a virtual video, this was followed by a quiz on what we had watched and we shared stories of our travels to brazil and the Brazilian foods we had eaten before. It really was a special afternoon and we can’t wait to see where we are traveling too next.

Alternatively, we spent the afternoon exploring rummage boxes of magazines and war time keep sakes. Rummages boxes can be a means of tap into memories and lost thought associated with the aging [process others just love to explore and share stories related with the items in the boxes, this is a perfect activity to do with our friends and over a cup of tea and present conversation.

Thursday morning, we joined as a group and played floor bowls, floor bowls is a very popular activity in the home we have many ex bowls players living at Hill House and they help those of us who have not played before with techniques and tricks. There is always a wide range of Activities on offer here at Hill House and today was no exception others took the morning completed brain training activities, relaxed while enjoying therapeutic painting, completed jigsaw puzzles and joined a 1960’s singalong session.

Thursday afternoon was time for more celebrating as we hosted a birthday tea party for a special lady’s birthday, the fine china was out, chef had baked a yummy cake, we sung happy birthday and enjoyed the afternoon together.
Our floristry club met that afternoon and the lounge was a sea of bright oranges, yellows and pinks. The floral scent filled the room and we arranged stunning floral arrangement to be displayed around the home.

We were inspired by the change in the season and had great fun using the leaf sweeping activities on the interactive activity centre.

Our arts and crafts club met on Friday morning for relaxing water colour painting class, we used a card making set with illustrated autumn animals and learnt how to blend water colours and create textures. We also spent time filling in our scrapbook and playing dominos with one and other.

The weekly giant crossword took place in the afternoon, we enjoy the mental challenge it provides us and the social aspect it brings. We stopped half way through for a tea break and were treated to a yummy homemade cake, the conversations were following and we were egger to get started again.

In the garden room, a few of us joined together to hold mass, Music, singing, scripture, sermon, sacraments, prayers, rites and rituals are all ways we can respond to the presence of the living God in our lives.

Saturday mornings exercises sued the parachute, a fun way to exercise without even realising with lively Brazilian music playing in the background the room was full of laughter and colour. Alternatively, others engaged in knitting, reading the daily papers and having skype calls with family and friends.

Saturday afternoon we explored cheeses from around the world on a cheese tasting session.

Sunday morning mass was held virtually for anyone who wished to attend, it was a calm and relaxing service giving us time for reflection and preys. Elsewhere in the home we enjoyed a game of giant snakes and ladders.

After a beautiful roast dinner we played white board word games in the lounge before watching the Sunday film club movie, enjoying ice-creams and a glass of wine.