This week residents at Hill house delved into the world of Musical Theatre, they took a virtual trip to the west end and watched a pre-recorded live show. Played ball games and took part in a variety of exercise programmes.

Monday was a fun packed morning, we listened to Andrew Lloyd Webber musical songs while magic painting on the OMI interactive system. We played a double dice game in the lounge while others played card games including higher and lower inspired by the TV show play your card right.

The afternoon started with an energetic exercise programme, the exercises we take part in are based on guidance from the NHS website, specialised for elderly and chair based themed, these were followed by a game of skittles and beachball football.

Tuesday morning, we took on a series of brain training activities, themed around west end musicals we completed word searched and word ladders as a group and independently.

In the lounge we carried on the brain training activities while enjoying a refreshing tea or coffee from the drinks trolley, followed by a giant game of floor bowls, floor bowls draws in a big crowed, it is a very social activity within the home and we are starting a floor bowls leader board to add an element of competition. Others worked on their scrapbooks adding pictures from the week’s activities.


Tuesday afternoon arts and craft club met to created a collage of stars from the silver screen, the pictures sparked a wide range of memories and challenged us to put a name to the faces. Others played dominoes as a small group and our super ex math teacher residents helped with a maths problem a staff member was facing.

Wednesday morning the home was a buzz of activity, we relaxed a caught up with the daily news and reading magazines, took part in therapeutic colouring as well as complete brain training west end show word searches. Others spent time using the OMI interactive activity centre, using personalised programmes suited to their interests.


Wednesday afternoon Hill House went virtually to the west end theatre, with a recorded live stream of a show, we enjoyed theatre themed snacks from the snack cart while watching the show and singing along. We also played a target ball game trying to outdo each other’s best scores.

Thursday morning in garden view lounge we played splat games on the OMI interactive activity centre and board games with each other.

A game of balloon bounce followed a chair-based exercise programme. Before lunch we engrossed ourselves in a Musical themed guessing game, listening to a piece of music and guessing the musical it was from and also the name of the song.

The afternoons flower arranging club created beautiful floral arrangements for the home, the fresh sent of roses, sun flowers stimulate the senses of smell, sight and touch. The garden view lounge we had a good time playing domines and complete picture puzzles, while listening to classical music softly in the background.


Friday morning, we painted autumn leaves inspired by our changing trees in the gardens. We played nots and crosses on a white board while spending time chatting and catching up.

Our knitter natter group assembled in the lounge over a cup of tea and coffee and yards of wool.

Friday afternoon we completed the weeks giant crossword puzzle as a group. Others accomplished jigsaw puzzles and filled in their scrapbooks and reminisced on the week’s activities.

The weekend was filled of personal activities we cut out autumn decoration ready for the week ahead, completed musical instrument crossword puzzles, painted on the OMI interactive activity centre and played snakes & ladders and ludo. Sunday afternoons film club met and watched the musical ‘ Sound of Music’.