Having a themed week enables us to tailor activities to a resident’s past and present weather its places they visited, their favourite musical era or based around a calendar event, the themes always trigger such wonderful stories sharing opportunities. And this week brought the flower power to Hill House as we went back to the swinging 60’s, with a 60’s quizzes, reminiscing activities, cheese tasting, baking and a whole home sixties singalong there was something for everyone!

Monday morning our knitter natter group enjoyed a group knit over a cup of tea and great conversation.

We filled our afternoon with a group 1960’s song whiteboard game, which prompted reminiscence of childhood nursery rhymes and a sing along. Alternatively, other enjoyed board games and a game of picture pairs.

Tuesday morning in garden view lounge we played a variety of ball games from catch to skittles, this is part of a fun exercise programme we enjoy. Others played games on the interactive activity centre.

Tuesday afternoon we rolled up our sleeves and baked a classic 1960’s sweet treat, coconut macaroons baked onto rice paper and cooked in the oven before being drizzled with chocolate they match perfectly with a hot coffee.

While the coconut macaroons baked in the oven we enjoyed a group game of snakes and ladders, and reading letters sent in from family.

Wednesday morning, we played games of dominos, laughed while playing a game of play your cards right and spent time reminiscing the 1960’s through childhood toys, magazines and school reports.

Wednesday afternoon the home was a buzz of activity, we had an extensive range of activities to choose from, we played the giant cross word in the lounge, played parachute games, target throwing along with therapeutic painting using water colours.

We celebrated a special 80th birthday at Hill house on Wednesday, residents enjoyed a birthday tea the birthday lady and the activities team had arranged a special personal cake for to celebrate the occasion in style.

Thursday morning, we entered new additions to our scrapbooks, filled with the great activities we get up and letters from loved ones.

Our floristry club met in the lounge to arrange this week’s stunning flowers, with vibrant autumnal colours.

The afternoon was filled with music and singing as the talented louis treated us to a piano singalong session.
Music brings the residents alive; it gives them stimulation, helps them to reminisce and enables them to socialise with others. They are able to interact and it gives some residents an opportunity to sing or hum along, even though they may not be able to speak. It’s so good for their overall wellbeing.

The afternoon’s music session ended with a birthday sing song, as we wish a very special lady a happy birthday.

Friday mornign started with a exercise work out and finished with a game of balloon bounce. The intercatve actviity tabel was surounded by lots of eger players as we splatted and swatted coloured balloon making them pop to build up points.

We also took on the find it Friday challenge, as part of our new brain training activities.

After lunch our garding club met indodors to trim and watered the house plants from aroudn the home, the conversations were flowign as we spoke about things we have grown in the garden or at our alotments.

Being 1960’s week the week wouldn’t be complete with out a cheese board and a varity of cheeses to try, what a lovely treat, and the added boost in calciumis good for our bones (and that is the story we are sticking with).

Saturday morning, we added to our personal scrapbooks, wrote letters to loved ones and enjoyed small group games like dominos and a group jigsaw puzzle. The afternoon we watched a Carry-on film from the 1960’s and others took part in a 1960’s quiz although some of the new highlights don’t reflect the 1960’s we remembered of peace and love.

Sunday, we played cards games and reminisced about the things we got up to in the 1960’s, were we were in our lives, what our kids got up to and the fashion of the era and chatted with friends over a pot of tea.