This week Hill house was a buzz with activity as we hosted our first ever game show week, this themed was picked after a conversation amongst residents and the activities team about how game shows have changed over the year and are all now very computerised, the days of loud suit jackets and glittery dresses have past for a more Morden look. This week we brought the game shows to Hill House with a set stage and an array of fun interactive game shows for everyone to enjoy: Bruce’s Price is right, trivial pursuit game show, Family fortunes. Along with all the excitement of the game shows this week hosted Remembrance Day, 11th of the 11th at 11oclock Hill House fell silent for two minutes as we paid our respects and remembered all we have lost at war.

Monday morning started with a mix of activities, a group of us met to take part in our Knitter Natter social group, while others enjoyed a game of cards. Alliteratively others completed jigsaw puzzles and a singalong.

Monday afternoon linked with our game show theme we played an adapted version of the tv show trivial pursuit. Tossing bean bags on coloured targets on the floor which were linked with catalogues and trivia questions. We had 3 teams playing and everyone got involved the room was filled with laughter and a healthy dose of competition.

Our monthly residents meeting took place in the lounge on a crisp Tuesdays morning, teas, coffees and caked were served as we congregated to hear about the changes made by the government and what that means for care homes like our, “it is great to have directors and staff who have reassured us and support us and our families throughout this time we are so lucky”. We also got our first glimpse into what Christmas 2020 has in store at Hill House, with staff pantomimes and choir singalongs, crafting and baking, we are looking forwards to getting stuck in to all the festive fun!
Tuesday afternoon, team captains the Bright Blue Angels took on the Mighty Red Devil on game show Hill House Family Fortunes. Each team trying to guess the 6 most popular answers to a question (the game show saying is “the survey says”) buzzing in using electric buzzers, shouting out answers and asking audience for help, everyone was shouting out possible answers and cheering their captains to use their answers. The home was filled with laughter and noise it was great fun.

Wednesday mornings activity programme was busting at the seems with war time reminiscing linked to rebalance day in the garden view lounge, Daisy came in for a morning of cuddles and offer an in-house pet therapy session, and we watch the remembrance day service on the Tv, marking the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. A two-minute silence was held at 11am to remember the people who have died in wars across the home.

Wednesday afternoon the stage was set again for another live interactive game show, this time we took part in Hill Houses, The Price is Right! Our fantastic activities team hosted the quiz show that involves guessing the prices of everyday items to win instant prizes. The second part of the game show is The Showcase Showdown a special game where contestants spin a “Big Wheel” to determine how close they must come to 100 without going over! Using only two spins, it is a game of luck and we loved it. The afternoon was great at bringing the whole home together and getting our minds working and guessing prices and hedging our bets and using quick maths.

Thursday morning in the garden view lounge we played a team game of floor darts using the target from the interactive activity centre to project the scores onto the floor, others arranged flower displays and shared stories of their family florist in Glasgow, and its never too early to get ready for Christmas, we painted beautiful water colour Christmas cards.

Our floristry group met in the lounge and created beautiful floral arrangement in vases for the home this week, the tea and conversations were flowing.

After lunch we enjoyed our weekly visit to the inhouse hairdresser, a touch of luxury and relaxation. Others played a game of snakes and ladders and chat.

Thursday saw the start of our new ‘Jiggles & Giggles’ exercise programme here at Hill House, a way of incorporating more music, dance and movement into our weekly programme. Exercise has countless benefits for those of all ages, including a healthier heart, stronger bones, improved flexibility and can even improve one’s mood. With bright coloured pompoms, scarves and fancy dress no one could resist getting involved, the exercise programme lasted half an hour and it was great to see everyone dancing singing and jigging along.

After the very energetic Jiggles and Giggles class, our 3rd big game show game started the Hill House Pig Race, a firm favourite and fitted in perfectly with this weeks theme. We placed bets and watched our pig race down the track waiting o see who would be crowned winner.

Friday morning our men’s club met, over a cup of coffee and the daily papers, with conversations flowing, the topic soon turned to previous job roles and two gentle man with military connections spent the morning, sharing stories and photographs with one and other. Others enjoyed a knitter and natter and a game of floor bowls.


This week giant crossword, got us all thinking on Friday afternoon, a few mystery answers but nothing as a group we couldn’t solve.

Saturday, we enjoyed brain training games like word searches and boggle, others played board games or engaged in sensory activities. Alliteratively a group game of floor darts was played in the lounge, we played against ourselves trying to beat our previous scores.

Saturday afternoon we watched Great marigold hotel, enjoying ice-creams and soft drinks.

Sunday morning, we played white board games as a large group, using random letters to make as many words as we could, we managed 44 before running out of room on the white board.


After a yummy roast dinner, we joined together for a musical sing along, in the lounge we played maracas, the symbols and a wide range of other instruments while singing and dancing along with the staff, the home was filled with music and laughter all afternoon.