As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, we are all cosy and warm at Hill House. As always keeping busy playing ball games, board games, doing quizzes and we even had a few furry visitors that brought broad smiles all around the home.

After a relaxing morning chatting and reading the papers, we had a competitive game of floor bowls.

There were 13 players, a big group for this game. There was lots of chatter and cheers after each person took their turn.

On Tuesday while some of us played cards, others choose to do painting for the Arts and Crafts Club this week. The theme was a celebration of Diwali so the paintings were brightly and colourful.

We also discussed some interesting facts about Diwali and what it involved.

After a word quiz Tuesday morning, the Arts and Crafts Club started on our homemade Christmas Cards.


Each person chose their own design. We couldn’t resist listening to and singing along with Christmas Carols to get us in the spirit.

Bryony brought in her fancy machine which we used to emboss and cut our chosen designs. We all had a go at doing our own.

We also couldn’t resist the first mince pies of the season!


On Wednesday we had several games to choose from for our daily movement class. This time we included a quiz as we tried to hit the answers on the floor with the bean bag.

The Dominoes club was in full swing with a few games played in the different lounges around the home.

Alison came and played Rummy with a group.

On Thursday we got our favourite board games out before lunch, this is a great time to chat and catch up.

In the afternoon we had a game of hit the target which gave us a bit of a giggle.

We also had a furry friend Pluto visit us. They went all around the home to make sure to say hello to everyone.

Every week we have fresh flowers delivered to all of the homes and on Friday morning this rather talented group set about putting them into vases to be placed throughout the home. They smelt just lovely.

In the afternoon with uplifting music in the back ground we had a go a tri-dominoes. Everyone soon got the hang of it.

There was also a lengthy game of scrabble on the go.

On Saturday we had more furry visitors for our Pet Therapy this week, Bessy and Tatty were two rather large bunnies. They made everyone smile and the loved all the fuss given to them.

We then had knit and natter…a favourite club in the home.

Our weekly scrapbooking was also underway, so we have a record of our activities and celebrations.

Last but not least we had a birthday tea party with favourites biscuits on request.