Hill House was filled with Christmas spirit and excitement this week as we got ready for the festive season ahead, making handmade decorations, an abundance of birthday celebrations, and games and exercises for everyone to enjoy.

Monday morning, we enjoyed a game of skittles in the lounge, other engaged in therapeutic colouring, jigsaw puzzles and reminiscing through scrapbooks.

As part of our christmas prep week we made festive paper chains, ready to be hung around the home.

We celebrated a special birthday this week, with high tea, with friends in the home, there was lots of cake and birthday wishes.

Tuesday morning started with intense concentration with a game of Jenga or walks in the garden.

The afternoon the home was filled with the smell of Christmas, as we prepared the mincemeat for mince pies, with extra sherry. Cooking club brings us all together and never fails to spark memories and reminiscence, weather it’s the texture, scent or recipe we love to share our stories with one and other. Alternatively, we made Christmas cards in garden view lounge, while listening to festive radio station.

Wednesday morning our resident artist popped by the art station and got lost in his painting, others enjoyed a morning of games and exercise, with the giant parachute and ball games. Garden view lounge started a new jigsaw puzzle as well as playing board games and brain training word puzzles.

Garden view lounge we spent the afternoon playing quiz games on the interactive OMI system, combining exercises and trivia for a full body work out. Alliteratively other opted for independent pursuits engaging in therapeutic adult colouring, word searches and a game of dominoes.

The lounge played dominoes and spent time with loved ones in our COVID safe visiting hut.

Thursday morning, we glittered festive fine cones ready for our Christmas displays and to decorate the Christmas trees.

This week’s giant crossword took place after lunch, we all came together to try and solve the clues and complete the crossword board. This was followed by 2 separate birthday celebrations, as wish 2 lovely ladies a very happy birthday in their own unique ways, from afternoon tea to presents and skype calls with family.

Friday morning, our floristry club met to sort and arrange this week’s floral bouquets, our weekly flower delivery never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face as the room is filled with floral scent and the odd stray cut stem, it brings us together and the conversation follows.

The afternoon we used foil scratch paper to create personalised Christmas baubles, we scratch pictures and our names onto the paper to reveal the rainbow colour behind before cutting them into bauble and hanging them on the fire place.

We used the OMI system to play sensory games, we swiped away feathers and splatted paint balls. Others opted to make Christmas paper chains to display around the room.

The weekend was filled with a wide range of great activities, we spent Saturday morning crafting and reading our morning papers, the afternoon we watch An American in Paris on the big screen. Sunday, we attended our weekly religious service via video link. And in the afternoon, we played white board games, dominoes and played cards. we enjoyed time with manager Marion as she served ice-creams and chatting with us.