This week at hill house has been packed with big events and celebrations. As we hosted a chocolate themed week, residents indulged in a chocolate tea party, quizzes, built a house made of chocolate and played a chocolate raffle game. Residents visited the north pole as part of our winter themed arm chair travel, they sung carols, danced and celebrated the festive season in style.

Monday morning, we started our week with brain training exercises, a mixture of Christmas and chocolate themed word searches and brain puzzles. Others enjoyed hanging and decorating our wish trees, adding their wishes to their personalised tags.

That afternoon we took on this week’s giant cross word in the lounge alternatively there was a wide range of sensory activities and group jigsaw puzzles to be enjoyed.

Tuesday morning, we joined in the lounge for a group game of floor bowls. Physical activities like bowls, whether it’s intense and vigorous or as leisurely as a stroll through the park, helps to improve vascular health.

Tuesday afternoon we enjoyed a pamper afternoon ahead of our elves Christmas photo shoot, we had such a laugh picking out accessories and dressing up, we sung Christmas songs enjoyed mince pies before posing for our Christmas photo. We didn’t let the staff get away with not dressing up for the occasion, we wrapped them in tinsel and dressed them up with hats and ears.

Wednesday morning, inspired by this week themed week we made a chocolate Christmas house, very similar to a ginger bread house but made out of yummy chocolate, we worked together to build the main structure before taking a side each to decorate in smarties, buttons and other yummy chocolate treats.

We have loved all the Christmas cards we are receiving from loved ones as well as special cards from the local community and schools.

Wednesday afternoon our amazing activities team exported us to the North Pole by sleigh ride as part of our winter armchair travel. Upon our sleigh ride we were joined by two enthusiastic elves, and sent on a virtual sleigh ride on the big tv screen. We sung popular Christmas carols, watched Christmas themed documentary while sipping hot chocolate and eating mince pies, and we danced to the 12 days of Christmas, the home was filled with Christmas magic and laughter, everyone had a big smile on their face throughout.

Thursday morning our floristry group met in the garden view lounge; it was lovely to see a few returning faces join the group. Cutting and arranging flowers can give fingers, thumbs and hands a gentle “workout”. Over time, flower arranging can also promote muscle memory, which can be useful for improving the body-mind connection.

Thursday was Hill House’s UGLY sweater day, staff were dressed in ugly jumper, dresses t-shirts and hats, they were bright and Christmassy some even light up.

As part of therapeutic colour and painting we decorated giant Ugly sweater pictures. We opened lots of Christmas cards that have been sent in by families and friends and chatted with friends in the lounge.

That afternoon as part of chocolate week we were treated to a chocolate themed afternoon tea Party, We sipped on hot chocolate drinks, tucked into chocolate cakes and of course chocolate dipped strawberries. While chatting with friends.

Once we had filled up on chocolate, we took a gamble on the chocolate raffle to win chocolate themed prizes. This was followed by a Christmas carol sing along where we were treated to live music played by our very talented staff.

Friday morning

Friday afternoon we spent time looking through personal photo albums and sharing stories of our families with one and other, alliteratively we mixed up and made yummy mince pies.

Saturday morning, we crafted stunning Christmas cards as part of arts and crafts club.

Saturday afternoon we danced our way through our exercises class in the garden view lounges, with a mixture of Christmas songs and classic songs, we stretched and danced our way through the afternoon.

Alternatively, we enjoyed miracle on 34th street while tucking into pick n mix.

Sunday morning, our weekly church service was streamed through the tv, this is an import part of our week it offers us time for reflection and pray. Alternately we explored the RAF museum using the iPad and google maps, being able to virtually walk around the museum from the comfort of our arm chairs was amazing, others went to their childhood street and walked virtually up and town pointing out the house they grew up in, who live at number 14 and shared stories of playing in street with friends.

We also got creative with stunning water colour arts and crafts, art lets us have a creative outlet and helps keeps your mind stimulated.

Sunday afternoon in the garden view lounge we explored the rummage boxes, leaflets and magazines from the 1960’s, sparking conversation of having children in the 1960’s. others around the home took part in a chocolate bar Quiz, guessing the names of chocolate bars from pixilated packet images, this was followed by games of dominoes, cards and snakes and ladders in small groups around the lounge.