Residents and the team at Hill House all came together to celebrate the start of a new decade with a fun-filled New Year’s Eve party. But that wasn’t the only celebration as we started the new year, we celebrated a 100th birthday, with letter from the Queen, balloons and family pod visits.

Monday morning, we started our day with an energetic game of balloon bounce in the lounge, getting active helps both our physical and mental wellbeing.

We Stringing beads to make jewellery in the garden view lounge, this is a wonderful activity as It provides soothing entertainment and a lot of satisfaction. Other opted to complete jigsaw puzzles or take time to relax with sensory activities.

Monday afternoon we explored the beach sensory box, the soft sand and tough texture of the shells take us back to trips to the seaside with loved ones.

Our arts and crafts club met in the in lounge to start creating festive new years eve party hats. This got us all very excited for the up coming New Years Eve celebrations.

Tuesday morning, a game of knock out skittles was played in the lounge.

Elsewhere therapeutic colouring was enjoyed by many.

After a lovely lunch we explored our knitting and sewing rummage box in the garden view lounge. Followed by making New Year’s Eve party hats, bunting and banners.

We love to keep active and regular exercise is part of our daily activities at Hill House.

Wednesday morning in the garden view lounges it was time for re arranging and reorganising, we sorted through all our sports activity boxes and paper work. Jobs like these are all part of activities of daily living. “chore style” activities that typify the type of things that are often done at home, these can include things such as sorting clothes, polishing silver and other “household” chores, provide positive stimulation and a sense of accomplishment even if the task is never completed it the doing of the activity that provides the positive outcomes and elevates one’s mood.

In the lounge we enjoyed an intense game of scrabble that got everyone involved and it turned into a group game with others shouting suggestions from across the room.

Wednesday afternoon we played floor darts using the target feature on the interactive activity centre, the splash noise is made when the dart lands on the water target, indicating points have been won, helping those with poor eyesight. We played landmark picture pairs and card games across the garden view lounges, there was something for everyone.

Our crossword enthusiasts came together in the lounge for this week’s giant crossword, and as a warm up they played a game of picture, with Julie drawing objects on the board and we guessed what she was drawing (its good job she’s a good illustrator).

Thursday morning, spent the morning listening to classic music and exploring sensory activities, shape puzzles and fabric boxes.

Others took time for reflection and watch catholic mass on the laptops. We had lots of loved ones visit and use our pods and window visits throughout the morning. We enjoyed a pamper morning of nails and hand massages ahead of this afternoons New Years Eve Party.

New Years afternoon had arrived, after lunch we got glammed up and congregated in the lounge, adorned in our hand-crafted party hats. Our activities team had gone out of tehri way to create a party atmosphere with decoration 1950’s dressed, a drinks cart and snacks.

The home was bursting with singing and dancing everyone had a wonderful afternoon as we played silly party games like pinata smash and danced and sung to all the songs before coming together and singing auld lang syne to end a fantastic afternoon.

We even celebrated a very special New Years Eve birthday for our guest of honour.

Friday morning, our floristry group meet in the lounge, with lots of tea and coffee being drunk the conversation was following. A few gentlemen joined us ladies at the table and after an hour of us chatting and putting the world to rights, we finally started to create stunning floral arrangements to be displayed around the home.

A morning spent completing jigsaw puzzles and playing card games in our garden view lounge.

The afternoon we played mini golf, and asked to do another giant crossword in the lounge, others opted for a musical on the Tv or reading the daily paper.

Saturday morning, we played noughts and crosses in the lounge, followed by a social chat about families as one of us is expecting a great granddaughter as her granddaughter had gone into labour, we shared stories of the love and bond between a grandparent and the grandchildren.

A group game of skittles was being played in our garden view lounge with everyone taking their turn.

Skittles continued elsewhere in the home after lunch, we chose this week’s movie in the lounge after we received new films for Christmas and wanted to share them with the home.

For those of us who didn’t attend the Saturday afternoon film tehri was still so much on offer, we played picture pairs, and other cards games. In our garden view lounge we played parachute games and spent the afternoon dnacing and singing together.

Sunday morning started with a small game of scrabble, others helped out in the laundry fold clothes and aprons.

Sunday, we celebrated a remarkable gentleman who marked his 100th birthday, with family pod visits, lots of presents and balloons and of course a stunning cake baked by our amazing chef. We made sure he celebrated in style.

Our religious Sunday service was held in the lounge with a delayed live stream from our local church. Alliteratively we played board games, used the interactive activity centre and relaxed with therapeutic painting and crafts.