Monday morning, we got out and about round the home to see the snow drops and daffodil’s that have started to flower. We also enjoyed a warm hand massage and manicure, others opted to play board games and read their daily papers over a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Monday afternoon our multi-talented activity team stepped in and set our hair for us; we have missed our weekly hair dresser. Visiting a hairdresser and getting your hair done helps relax and unwind.

Tuesday morning we tested out the new ping pong net in our gardenview lounge, exercises is always better when your having fun. We spent time at the flower cart and creted artifical flower displays for our rooms.

After lunch we joined for a group game of dominoes, we enjoyed a special drinks cart filled with juices, tea and coffee and tucked into some yummy snacks.

We also spent the afternoon playing musical instruments and taking part in a sing along, Singing is truly a wonderful therapeutic activity.

Wednesday morning, our very own Mathematician took on a math’s game on the iPad, trying to beat the timer to answer as many maths questions as he could. The iPad has a wide range of games and activities on offer for us to play.

The human brain works like a muscle. To keep it continually stimulated it must be worked regularly, regardless of a person’s age. Physical obstacles at an advanced age make this muscle become weaker. The key to maintaining its function lies in training. Memory games are perfect to exercise the mind.

That afternoon we engaged in a wide range of one to one games and activities with carers and the activities team.

Thursday morning we arranged fresh flowers to be displayed around the home.

Thursday afternoon we reminisced as we looked through family albums and had a group social talking about our family and our children growing up.

Alternatively, we used the OMI interactive table to play a target game, or created stunning flower arrangements with this week’s fresh flowers from the florist to display around the home.

We have really loved having Norma around the home a lot more lately, her big floppy ears and calm nature have made her a member of the family, we love her cuddles and company.

Inspired by a beautiful bunch of gifted daffodils we spent Friday morning creating daffodil art work.

Friday afternoon we took part in brain training word games and therapeutic colouring. Others watched a movie and enjoyed a selection of movie snacks.

Saturday morning, our garden view lounge continued with their landscape therapeutic colouring, the conversation was following as we tried to name the famous landmarks and where in the country they are. We can’t wait for the to be displayed on the Art Gallery wall.

Dominoes remains a favourite here at Hill house and we are always playing in small groups.

The afternoons art club met in the garden view lounge, this week it was time for us to get messy as we worked with clay to create stunning sunflower. Working with clay is a creative stimulation activity, promotes social interaction and develops fine motor skills with a variety of positive outcomes, including increased confidence, concentration and motivation.

Sunday morning the lounge art club met and made stunning clay sunflowers. We enjoyed reading our Sunday papers and group social over tea and biscuits. We wrote letters to loved ones after painting stunning water colour greeting cards.

Sunday afternoon we spent time receiving skype calls from friends and family, we were treated to a Piano resettle through Skype from a family member it brought us such joy.

Group games were a perfect end to a busy week here at Hill House, scrapple and sensory shape puzzles help to keep our memory sharp.