We have had a wonderfully Welsh week at Hill House. We started our week with music, boardgames and some Welsh themed colouring. Of course, throughout the week we still had the usual music and movement classes, singalongs, reminiscing clubs, quizzes, word games, arts and crafts and cookery clubs. With spring on the way and some beautiful sunny days we were able to get outdoors a bit more this week, which was wonderful.

We all enjoy playing along to the music and singing!

Some Welsh themed artwork.

We love the communication we are able to have with our families over technology and we are very excited about being allowed visits again next week.

In our Arts and Crafts session and in preparation for welcoming some visitors back we chose our favourite photos from all the activities we have been doing and filled a large and now very colourful board for everyone to see.

We played table top games on Tuesday, one of which was table top bullseye. We took in turns to see who got the highest score. We also did puzzles and the dominoes clubs was in full swing.

With the lovely spring sunshine, it was wonderful to be outside enjoying it.

During our Cookery Club session everyone got involved in making welsh drop cakes. These were enjoyed with a spot of strawberry jam and a lovely cup of tea in the afternoon.

Every day we do something that keeps us active, this week some of options we chose were ball games, skittles and lounge boules.

We also love a singalong to which some of us just can’t resist getting up for a little dance.

We looked at and discussed the lyrics of some traditional welsh folk songs, which was very interesting to chat about. In the arts and crafts club, we made some daffodils which always bring that splash of colour.

We also enjoyed making some sunflowers to decorate our visiting rooms.

Reminiscing a is really enjoyable session for all of us. We do this in groups and as one to ones. These are a great opportunity to talk about our youth, work and our life experiences.

We also have plenty of time where we can choose to either follow our own interests or just spend some quiet time.

Every week we have fresh flowers delivered to the home. Our very talented ladies put them into containers and vases and place them around the home for us all to enjoy.