A week of St Patrick’s day themed activities here at Hill House this week, we completed Irish themed quiz and brain training activities and tried our hand at Irish dancing, followed by sipping on Irish coffees from the themed interactive cart. With so much on offer at Hill house we always find something engaging to take part in.

Monday’s morning was filled with activity as a group game of dominoes was played in the lounge while others spent time adding pictures to their scrapbooks or completing jigsaw puzzles.

That afternoon we played a game of knock out skittles, skittles is a great game to play as it improves hand eye coordination and it proves to be a great chair based exercising activity.

Exercises were enjoyed in our garden view wing as we played a mixture of balloon games and spent the afternoon enjoying brain training activities.

Tuesday morning, we out our minds to the test as we took on whiteboard games in the lounge, we used Irish themed words as part of this week’s word ladder game, followed by an Irish themed quiz, as part of our St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Garden view wing spent the morning playing skittles and listening to rock n roll music.

Tuesday afternoon we crafted decorations for our upcoming St Patricks day celebrations in our creative workshop. Creative activities have been shown to have a positive effect on both physical and mental health.

A shamrock is a young sprig, used as a symbol of Ireland. Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, is said to have used it as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity.

Wednesday morning, Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! We started our morning read through and shared Irish trivia facts with one and other.  Followed by an energetic game of balloons bounce.

Late morning, we engaged in relaxing activities, a St Patrick’s Day themed Crossword, scrapbooking and therapeutic colouring as a group.

Wednesday afternoon we celebrated St Patricks day with fancy dress, an Irish themed coffee cart and lots of Irish music and dancing. The Irish coffees were loving made by our amazing activities team who along with other staff showed off their questionable Irish dancing, the home was filled with laughter. On offer was Irish stout and a selection of cakes and treats from Ireland.

With all the excitement of the Irish coffee cart and dancing it was a quieter early evening as we played games of dominoes, created a new display table in the lounge and watched river dance live on stage on the TV.

We always look forwards to a Thursday as we have our in-house hairdresser appointments. A salon visit provides sensory cues linked to appearance (through scents and perfume) which can be useful for reminiscence. What’s more, hairdressers are often ‘unofficial therapists’, providing emotional support and a close and regular relationship and friendship.

Playing games on the interactive OMI system is a great way for us to exercise and have fun at the same time. Others opted for a quieter morning completing jigsaw puzzles and playing piano with one and other.

Afternoon we spent time one to one reading newspapers together sharing stories and reminiscing about our holidays and current affairs.

You will always find us dancing or singing in our garden view wing, we love to dance and sing along to old songs that spark so many happy memories for us.

Our floristry group met in the lounge and arranged this week’s flowers in stunning arrangement to be displayed around the home, alliteratively a large group of us watched Cheltenham races on the Tv, we looked through the paper and marked our winners before cheering them on as they raced down the course.

Friday morning with the beautiful spring sunshine shining we made the most of it and spent time sat in the garden and took walks around the fish pond. We listened to music in the lounge and played dominoes and games on the interactive activity Omi system.

After lunch we whipped us sensational hobnob biscuits as part of our cooking club. Here at Hill house, we plan activities that are designed to activate the senses, trigger happy memories, and encourage social bonding, our cooking club is providing a wide range of benefits and this is proven by the increase in participation.

While our hob knob cooked in the oven we got back out into the garden and relaxed with a pet therapy visit from Bucky. Bucky loved our singing session in the garden and was happy to be cuddled and stroked.

Saturday morning shamrocks were a key part of our morning therapeutic colouring activity weather it be colouring painting or sticking we loved getting creative and spending time chatting with friends.

With a cup of tea in hand added this week’s pictures into our scrapbooks adding memory’s and looking back though old pictures and sharing our stories with one and other.  By adding small captions or writing down quotes it aids the memories of the events and sparks new conversation.

Saturday afternoon, with the 6 nations rugby coming to a climax and some friendly competition amongst staff and ourselves, we got together and watches the first of the evening rugby game together, refreshments were served at half time for us to enjoy.

Sunday morning at Hill house marks a time for reflection, reflection can come in forms of religion and some of us choose to watch live streamed church services in the lounge or on iPads and laptops, others choose to spend the morning quietly reading the daily news and reflecting on the world around us or it could be setting in the garden listening to the wildlife around us.

Sunday afternoon we listen as the piano was played for us in the lounge, we sung along to the songs when we knew them. Alternatively we completed sensory shape puzzles or engaged in therapeutic painting.

In the garden view lounge, we took walks out in the garden sitting on the benches around the home enjoying the sunshine, we read our magazines and looked through the spring fashion collections and of course we danced to our favourite songs while others clapped us on.