Hill house residents enjoyed the early spring sunshine this week making the most of our stunning gardens and patio areas. This weeks themed was ‘Teddy Bears’ inspired by a residents Teddy collection, we hosted a teddy bear raffle game, therapeutic colouring sessions and a bear Quiz along with a wide selection of fun activities throughout the week.

Monday morning, we enjoyed walking in the spring sunshine up to the fish pond or to look at the daffodils, others spent time completing jigsaw puzzles or reading their daily newspapers.

Monday afternoon our garden view lounge got active with fun exercise games like the parachute ball game, and spent time in the garden engaged in a sing along. We listened to the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and it brought back fond memories of reading it to our grandchildren.

Others spent the afternoon taking walks around the gardens and meeting loved ones in our visiting pods and visitor’s room. We have loved having our families back in the home and we are able to share with them all the fun things we get up to at Hill House.

Tuesday morning, we took on a teddy themed picture quiz, followed by exercises to music and ball games. Becoming more active can energise your mood, relieve stress, help you manage symptoms of illness and pain, and improve your overall sense of well-being.

After lunch we folded and shaped new flannels into teddy bears ready to be won in the teddy bear raffle. Others spent time engaged in meaningful activities and hobbies, therapeutic colouring, jigsaw puzzles and completing word searching  or crossword.

Wednesday morning we added new pictures to our scrapbooks and helped craft the raffle board for this afternoons Teddy raffle Cart. We played boards in small group in our garden view lounge, dominoes and snakes and ladders.

Our past shapes us into who we are today, and our amazing activities team have created stunning home town booklets filled with pictures and newspaper clipping of the areas we grew up in or lived in with our children for our residents in the garden view wing at Hill House. These pictures have been sourced from the internet and lovingly tailed to the individual residents past, it has helped trigger memories share stories with one and other.

That afternoon we engaged in a game of floor darts a game, sparking some in house competition as we tried to score highest to win prizes each game.

Our arts and crafts activity that afternoon was potatoes painting, we spent time cutting our shapes into our potatoes before using paint to see how our designed turned out.

Along side all these great activities on Wednesday afternoon our teddy bear raffle cart rolled around the home, offering chances for every resident to win prizes. We took our turn to pick a number off the board at random to see if we had won a prize, we had a couple of goes each and had a laugh as we were egger to win Teddy themed prizes.

Thursday morning, we settled in to a great morning of activities at Hill House, our therapeutic painting class, sat together as a group a painted a selection of teddy bears to be displayed as bunting in the art corner. A small group engaged in activities of daily living chores and helped dust and sort out the Library books and shelves in the lounge.

Using our interactive activity Omi system, we played floor darts using the digital target app, followed by a game of play your cards right.

We spent the afternoon arranging this week’s florist delivery into vase and displayed them around the home for everyone to enjoy, the smell fills the home with fresh floral scents.

We took on a group jigsaw puzzle after and spent time completing word searches.

Others continued with their therapeutic paintings from this morning and we celebrated two special ladies birthdays with cake, gifts and visits with loved ones.

Friday morning, we reminisced about family pets and animals from around the world. Using the reminiscing cards we spoke about each animal as a group and then shared stories of our much loved pets.

Having such talented staff here at Hill House we love listening to them play guitar and love singing along with them.

Friday afternoon, the whole home came together for a Pre-Vaccine party as we were about to receive our second and final covid vaccine, we took to opportunity to celebrate by dancing and singing with one and other, it really helped relive any worries or fears about having our vaccines and the lounge was full of laughter and fun and multi coloured pompoms.

The weekend we spent time relaxing and engaging in therapeutic activities, hand massages & manicures, sensory garden walks, puzzle mazes and taking time for reflection with religious services via YouTube on Sunday morning.

This week we sadly sad farewell to one of our much-loved nurses here at Hill House as she steps onboard her Barge Boat and sails off into her retirement, we will really miss her but wish her all the very best.