Thursday the 1st of April 2021 marked a significant day for the staff and residents of Hill House, the home joined together for a celebration of new beginnings and to reflect on the last 12 months during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the last 12 months like most of the country and the world, Hill House has had to adapt and change to maintain our highest standards of care.
The day started with an excitement of what was to come residents happily helped decorate the home and garden, hanging bunting, inflating balloons, making yellow ribbon rosettes with our sunflower emblem attached and sorting out roses for the event that afternoon. Staff and residents were encouraged to wear yellow, the colour yellow links with our Sunflower standards approach to care and we were all so honoured to wear yellow and stand proudly alongside one and other.

Standing socially distanced together we joined in the main lounge area of Hill House and listened to a moving welcome speech by our director Alison who shared with us the ethos of the home and how we continue to grow even through out the pandemic, she shared personal accounts and words of wisdom moving forward. Our home manager Laxmi recited wise words by Jim Rohn and how the home really is a family and the support and love for one and other has helped us relish and achieve the home we all live and work in today.

One thing that all our residents have missed throughout the pandemic has been our live concerts and entertainers, we were delighted to have arranged our old friend Terry Owen to sing via video link two meaningful songs; ‘You’ll never walk alone’ and ‘Wonderful world’, the room came alive as staff and residents harmonised and sung along.
“It was so nice to hear him sing for us again” –  Margret Moon

Students from the local Edgeborough School had worked hard all week to memorise and sing ‘somewhere over the rainbow’, played through the big Tv in the lounge we were able to watch and listen to them. We have kept our links with the local community strong throughout this past year, exchanging Christmas, Valentines and Easter cards with one and other, even started a small pen pal line of communication, residents love seeing all the art work they send in and reading their messages of lucky and good will.

Nicolette Hill House’s clinical nurse specialist took time in her speech to thank staff for going above and beyond over the last year, she was sure to pass on words of thanks from residents and their families, before inviting everyone into the garden and explained the significance of the planting of the cherry blossom tree. The singing was followed by a beautiful poetry reading by a staff members granddaughter. Staff handed out yellow roses a symbol of new Beginning to each resident with a personalised message on each, followed by a sing along of two very specially picked songs.
“it was amazing to hear the singing fill the lounge and watch everyone singing together as one”.

Outside in our garden Alison gave one final speech of wisdom before planting the cherry tree in the ground, residents and staff took their turn to place the soil back around the tree. A moment of reflection was held before releasing a small number of bio-degradable balloons in the air to mark the end of the event and wishing us health moving forwards.

“it was a thoughtful and refreshing event” – Marianne (Admin Team)

“A wonderful chance to remember and celebrate those we have lost” – Julie (Activities)

“I loved hearing all the singing! – Laurie Chamberlin (Resident)